My Top 5 Custom Zombie Maps! – 10k SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL! ( Call Of Duty World At War )


Thank you guys SO MUCH for 10k Subscriber’s! I appreciate all the support im getting and cant wait untill we hit the next milestone! ▻Subscribe Here …


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  1. Lol nobody says anyting about leviathan

  2. Tombo Gaming says:

    congrats on nearly 30k subs :)

  3. Evan rosso says:

    Deadship should be here

  4. Banana Guy says:

    Question #1: Is this syndicate #2: Is this like his old channel if its syndicate?

  5. Spuddywesker says:

    is this your gameplay because one of them where in spanish or something

  6. Magic 21 says:

    What was that sudden overlap?

  7. Haha the number one map is lost that show is so confusing. I wonder if they have the black smoke

  8. hahahah this was a long fudging video XD

  9. Weird Gaming says:

    you earned a sub

  10. PL_ MODZZ says:

    CustomZombies did you start this channel recently? Im asking because you only have 30K subscribers! #GG

  11. smiler 368 says:

    i know its an old vid but im new to pc and so ive droped a sub

  12. Dominic says:

    what was his number 5? i dont understand what hes saying, sothn

  13. Dominic says:

    also would be great if we could get a link to all these maps to download. otherwise great video,

  14. I liked dead ship, leavathan, cheese cube, project viking(increadible) and a few others, with friends, its the most fun u can ever have trust me

  15. Do you know of any good co-op maps? I'm recording with my friend and I want to look for new maps but I don't want to see the map, so i can record a first reaction if you know what im saying

  16. what website did you get these off of?

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