Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Terminal 1A


Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Terminal 1A preview. This terminal has a basic but functional design, with amble seating and a variety of shopping …


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  1. Tim Lion says:

    Flight Travels, thank you for this video! It has been 4 years exactly since I last walked through the terminals of JKIA (before the fire & renovation) and I al glad to see a great video of the new terminal. Kenya is my country even though I reside in the states but it is good to see progress being made at JKIA. THANK YOU AGAIN!

  2. Gate 747 says:

    Brilliant work!….loved every minute, especially at 2:27, that was a super view and beautifully captured! I really liked this report, hope you do some more airport terminal reviews in the near future…. Thanks for sharing. : )

  3. Where are all the people!

  4. wow. this Airport look like in Penang Airport. alike

  5. Wayne Harris says:

    I have flown out of that airport once and it concerned me how open it felt for safety. It was very clean and efficient though. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Scarce information and statistics.

  7. SHUEB A says:

    Where are you originally from?

  8. Am a 11 year old Kenyan and av only flown domestic flights av never never flown international ones will be going through the experience in December am kind of nervous and I gladly got this video, thanks flight travels

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