Nanotechnology Ushers in Cloak of Invisibility (Video)



Transparent carbon nanotube sheets are fulfilling the promise of invisibility.  Ali Aliev is a University of Texas scientist that uses the carbon nanotubes to bend surface light around an object, producing a mirage effect that can hide physical objects.  While this is being announced as current research, the military has already long been experimenting with similar cloaking devices as well as nano-enhanced hybrids for both invisibility and body armor. The U.S. scientific community is fully supported by the government by its National Nanotechnology Initiative 2011 Strategic Plan to exploit nanotech to the fullest extent. Demonstrations like the one below are meant to introduce the “coolness” of it all.  Indeed nanotechnology is interesting and mind blowing, but we would be wise to also learn about the other applications that the government is working on in the areas of surveillance, data control, and human movement so that we can urge those discovering the capabilities of nanotech to use it for the betterment of mankind, not for military weaponry and citizen enslavement.


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  1. Link says:

    looks like one of Nikola Tesla old inventions.

    however im sure they are still having trouble using the body as a main power generator,
    because there is no way in the world im wearing that direct from the power outlet.

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