NASA Forgets To Cut Video Feed – Huge UFO Broadcast Live From ISS – 4/5/2016


NASA is recognised for checking their live broadcasts to keep UFOs off their cameras, but once in a while one can make it via their nets. This large UFO was broadcast from the Worldwide Space Station for around sixty seconds just before disappearing into place. This is an wonderful piece of proof, and obviously one of the ideal sightings of 2016.

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32 Responses

  1. fooman65 says:

    it's an insect, or swamp gas illuminated by a distant lighthouse

  2. rich gouette says:

    Yet another crystal clear UFO sighting

  3. MrRockfish01 says:

    Its light been reflected by swamp gas says nasa ????

  4. Why would NASA cut the video feed?

  5. 19may0001 says:

    bullshit thats a shark coming to attack

  6. nasachusetts says:

    look like a simple lens flare to me

  7. I smell the bullshit… Have You heard about lens flare?

  8. Naveed Amini says:

    there are actually 2 objects there is a fainter one that appears to come over the horizon on the right slightly earlier near the arm and it disappears quicker

  9. livefire666 says:

    Lens flare or alien mother ship, really the only 2 possibilities…

  10. Jimbo Fisher says:

    Looks like a lines flare

  11. it's obviously the new Rainbow engine from the U.K M.O.D case "c134tRRR" look it up nubs

  12. reflection on window. it happened again yesterday with the sun and camera in very much the same juxtaposition. You can even see the light refracting into a spectrum on both occasions

  13. A light flare. The sun is reflecting and the "object" goes in and out as the station moves.

  14. Beetsky Man says:

    This is not a craft just a trick of light

  15. SA IB says:

    Hahaha this video was uploaded for likes

  16. FifaPRg says:

    how do I make sure u didn't edit any of these videos?

  17. The illuminati agenda is behind all this,the U.S government made deals with the Aliens.

  18. "BASTARDS"NASA! hiding biggest secrets in human history.The Rockefellers owns USA government.Mo….Fuc….

  19. I had my hopes up for this one, but I see a flaw. The sun is coming up behind the earth in the direction the camera is aimed. But the reflection of the sun coming from the anomaly is on the camera side. From this angle, the sun would be behind the anomaly and we should not see the reflection. The reason they didn't cut the footage is most likely because this is a trick of light with the camera that they are accustomed to seeing. As the lighted part of the earth moves into frame, the anomaly fades, not moves away. Damn I was excited for a second.

  20. naaah is just a bit of light and glare …. reflection of the lenses of the camera

  21. AMAZING how nobody else has this but a hack youtubber

  22. Mister Xman says:

    People are more open minded than ever. NASA should just show it all. What the hay. Nobody can do anything about it anyway. Might as well let us see what all the fuss is about.

  23. Bling Bling says:

    It looks like a hotdog, maybe someone from the International stupid station left their lunch out, seriously are their really people that believe that the ISS IS REAL?

  24. it's Batman he's about to looking for intelligent life ??

  25. it's an object it is in space can't identify it maybe it's a human in there

  26. Xmanics says:

    There is a second dimmer one to the right. Lens flare?

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