NASA SPOOKED During UFO Sighting At Space Shuttle 4/30/16


STS 115 Online video:
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39 Responses

  1. Paul Jenkins says:

    I'll tell you the truth about outer space. Like the Pacific Ocean, outer space is just a giant, endless ocean of fine matter that extends forever in all directions. And just like our oceans, there is an abundance of life in space of every kind imaginable. Many of the UFO's we see towards the end of this video are, in fact, intelligent creatures who swim in space using some kind of electro-magnetic propulsion. Who knows. But traveling around space is not a problem for them. And like the giant planet size UFO's (another intelligent life form) we see in some of the other videos that appear to be refueling themselves from the plasma of the Sun, I would imagine that all of these intelligent beings (creatures) in space feed off of electric charge, which is quite plentiful in space.

    We commonly think these UFO's are spaceships that are piloted by Aliens. But they're not. Most of them are life forms that are totally alien to humans — not life as we understand it. In other words, they would not conform to our understanding or our definition of life. But there they are moving around in space watching what we are doing. It's no different than your dog or cat watching what you are doing in the kitchen or while you are working on the car. They are curious about you and what you are up to. As for how intelligent they are, who knows. They could be extremely advanced or simple. There is no way to know.

    Some of these UFO's might be Alien spaceships. Others might be super advanced spaceships made right here in the USA. These spaceships would be part of the DoD black projects that are far, far more advanced than anything produced in commercial production. I, myself, have seen one of these spaceships back in 1977 and it was totally mind blowing.

  2. rudy leon says:

    sure not weather balloons?

  3. Shawn Banks says:

    I didn't believe until I saw one myself in December. it's real they're hear .

  4. Mike Becker says:

    Will you ever learn what they are' as long as you've been doing this???? Is it that hard to accept what's happening isn't some alien, "alien" to us human's yes' but just look up aleister crowleys sick self & the encounter he had & as sick evil as "it" was……! You don't want to know them' these they are seeing. And you can "quote" me on this message. Jesus is the answer' and he, & I care you know truth..!!

  5. FmShah 1490 says:

    You love this image i love myself

  6. jim oberg says:

    NASA's not spooked by inSecureTeen, when they rarely even think about him, they're amused that so many idiots fall for his hoaxes.

  7. Whatever it is….it's going FAST.

  8. Again, Tyler. Many crafts are visible. Thank you for your time and effort to get us the Truth!! I just love it. Cheryl from Cotopaxi Colorado.

  9. Hayk6666 says:

    love your channel brother good job

  10. ENTER ASYLUM says:

    [Comment removed by U.S government ]

  11. wait a trangle oh no illuminate aliens

  12. In one video you say that nasa hides objects, retouch images, to hide the truth, and in this one, the nasa shows a picture. Why the hell they do not "hide the truth" this time ? You call it a "black knight" : but if you take a picture of the exact same object but from another angle …. it just NOT look like a black knight AT ALL, but like a black piece of burnt thermal protection floating in low orbit. A "satellite" would not have that teared parts and filaments around it. And even if it was an "alien structure" : why the hell it has not been captured like the roswell saucer, studied by the "government" in secret facilities, so that it can be reverse engineered ? And why the hell everything that orbits around the earth comes from aliens ? A shit load of debris comes from humans and are orbiting around the earth. Look at that man :

  13. Rush hour of Aliens heading home after a hard day's work

  14. John Magee says:

    I wonder if they found bigfoot yet?

  15. BALBOA says:

    I really dont get why people believe Aliens are visiting Earth ! Maybe there are other civilizations out there but they are not coming here. Honesty people get a life…

  16. If the black night satélite is there, how could we possibly know that it has been there for more than maybe 500 years?

  17. Nix Pantoja says:

    talk talk….talk…

  18. So many UFOs I think it's time to add a traffic light

  19. Manybuckets says:

    That looks alot like debris from something too random of a shape

  20. Old video but I was wondering, as a NON-professional could this be a foreign satellite ??
    It seems to be on a similar "path" to the Space Shuttle.

  21. jimmjimm6699 says:

    what if the black Knight satellite is actually a spaceship.

  22. 4:15 "where Nasa had actually 'caughten' these three triangular objects" ??

  23. At about 8:04 She says activ… data we've received. — I know she was about to say activity but changed to data in mid-word. lol. > Very interesting video.

  24. at 3:143:15 in the video he says " based on this weather we are having and this footage that we saw tomorrow " …. first of all they keep referring to a guy called Ingo , so would that be Ingo swann who was a famous remote viewer ? he died in 2013 but STS 115 was conducted in 2003 so it is possible that the object was remote viewed hence the line " based on this object we saw tomorrow " because it was remote viewed in a different paralell timeline -))

  25. Intro Nerd says:

    I don't know why aliens need to destroy us we're doing the pretty well

  26. If NASA is truly trying to hide all ufo evidence from us (like you continuously claim) Then where did all your photos and videos come from ?? Just because some of us question your post does not mean we are trolls. We actually DO want the truth, but your comments are a little to far fetched at times.

  27. Yung Parth says:

    i feel like its just a rock lol

  28. It's probably space junk or at first a high flying plane

  29. lopez101481 says:

    This Comment was removed by the U.S GOVERNMENT #2039756534

  30. 8:05 activity she was about to say ,,woops don't want to freak us viewer's out on Earth

  31. please contact me id like to talk to u about a few situations and get ur take on them and maybe advice….thank u and u guys are doing an awesome job!!!

  32. thank's so much, once again !!! eye opening to say the least………………..

  33. Thats a damn cowboy boot!!!

  34. Gary Shaw says:

    I saw that try triangle before

  35. John Meek says:

    Must be Alien dinner time because they're all flying to upper right.

  36. Dave Marc says:

    Well, explain it already…

  37. Dave Marc says:

    It's a cough drop…

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