NASA UFO Sightings


NASA’s very have UFO sighting’s. A compilation of NASA footage
from several missions and spaceflights with the two mission manage and
astronauts reporting and commenting on the UFO’s they are seeing. Throughout 1
of the previous segments of the online video you will evidently hear them point out “WE
have an unidentified flying item” These are really skilled industry experts.
Educated to notice and report.
They are not reporting an ice particle, they are not reporting particles, or organic
phenomena. They are reporting an unidentified Flying item.
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  1. this is what gets me. in these older videos you can see the stars and its fucking beautiful. but now because nasa is so scared about us finding out the truth you cannot see the stars anymore. I have been told its cus the light filter is set dif to see the planet, but obviously in these video before they made that change you can see the earth and stars just fine. I honestly feel like just because they dont want us to know i dont get to see the beauty of our milkyway what a crock of shit.

  2. Sascha X says:

    Does anyone knew Steven Greer and his Disclosure project?

  3. Jim NORRIS says:

    unidentified flying objects does mean its aliean life.

  4. Jim NORRIS says:

    Had me going until you showed the lap top.bullshit there is no aliean life out there.thats wht they want you to believe

  5. Yonevents says:

    some look like organisms…no as if in water

  6. shane Flood says:

    really great video, obviously the Iss footage is public domain nowadays, but I was wondering how you got the older footage? declassified?

  7. Kou Yang says:

    When you look into the night skies, you'll actually see what seems to be stars moving back and forth and flying off then back into a star.

  8. THE TRUTH says: any help please.. diamond shaped ufos colliding with each other.. splitting Into 2 and 3s ???

  9. sedumjoy says:

    you bunch of dummies , what you are seeing flash by are meteorites burning up in the atmosphere.

  10. Space lies. Research flat earth, the bible is the truth!

  11. thankyou uploader really good video, with true ufo encounters.

  12. TheDude says:

    I really love how the people speaking start stuttering and sound unfocused, like in their heads they are going "' 'da fuck is that?''

  13. The lights you see on the moon pictures are lights from the studio they used to fake the moon landing.

  14. When i was about 10 years old i remmber seeing what i thought was a ufo. It was a massive triagular shaped thing i saw fly over my house in rural Pennsylvania at about 10 at night

  15. this is just space junk, satelites, and sprites.

  16. J W says:

    WTF is going on? So are they re -engineered crart or what? Some weird shit

  17. Medved Vodka balalaika dvyxstvolka ya russkiy

  18. JeffRB says:

    how do we know thats not just space junk?

  19. Ok here is my issue, aside from space junk, if these were alien craft, why would beings from another world expend so much energy to come all this way and not make themselves known out right? Ok I get that we would be seen as primitive and among one of the least intelligent species on our planet. I come to that conclusion due to being the only species that doesn't live in balance with all other species on earth and our singular ability to pollute the hell out of our planet. If we are too primitive to make contact with, then why waste time on us, why don't they come, view, groan and piss off for a few thousand years, or are we the space circus, do they come here to watch the clowns self destruct or is Earth the go to place to view parasites at their most destructive?

  20. jim oberg says:


  21. S4 Dreamland says:

    Who said anything about "thinking" it's E.T.?

  22. zghvbn1 says:

    one think some of the footage does is shut those idiots up who constantly write" but where are the stars"

  23. FuriousTank says:


  24. tyamada21 says:

    I don't know how many people have heard about or read the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin who lived in the 13th century AD and was the first person on Earth to recognise and chant the universal Law Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. In his teachings, which are extraordinary, he clearly explains many things that are now being proven scientifically one after the other. To mention a couple: He clearly stated that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand upon the Earth. He also described this world as being a 'saha' world (world of suffering) and only one of many millions scattered throughout the cosmos with their own suns, moons, rivers, mountains etc etc. He said that people born here and not in other world systems (some so amazing that they are impossible for us to even imagine) are here because we have made past causes in past incarnations that have made us worthy of such. (to me this makes more sense as to why we are all sinners than being because Eve ate an apple). He states that this is a world of opportunity – with free will we have a chance to realise our bad karma and make new good causes to expiate it and make new good karma. He also says that the battle will be whether we do this or are motivated by our bad karma to make even more, destroying this world of opportunity in the process (well… he certainly appears to have that right eh?) He explained that by producing the sound vibration created by chanting the words Nam-myoho-renge-kyo each day we can awaken our wisdom and good fortune from within – that we are responsible for ourselves and we rule our lives in accordance with what we think, say and do (renge represents the Law Cause and Effect – or as Jesus taught – we shall reap what we sow). If you want to know more about what he taught (and believe me he taught some amazing facts of life) I recommend that you get hold of a book titled Ztingar, which has been written with an entertaining background story to present Nichiren's teachings in an easy to understand way. Please keep in mind that there is always something new waiting to awaken from within us… 🙂
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  25. I spotted UFO in Bangalore on 9th Jan night 10 PM near Hosur flyover in Electronics city area while driving my car. The object has led kinda lights and it was still, but when i looked at it in 2-3 sec it zoom ahead. it's almost 40-50 storey high from ground. It cannot be a plane or helicopter.
    I was driving so very attentive and am sure that it moved in a flash which normal planes cannot do.
    If anybody witness the same that night in Bangalore, pls respond.

  26. HONDATA24 says:

    Lol..i bet them cops want to capture them ufo dirty..The ufo be like u wish

  27. Solar Taco says:

    +UniversalTrek have you ever heard of goddamn meteors or meteorrites?

  28. Atlantis to Mission control; space debris is making a sharp left turn again……….; Mission control to Atlantis ; Yeah we gave it a motor, so it could excelerate very fast to go in all directions. Atlantis to Mission control ; yes of cours you guys are always up to a prank, it's nice that you guys gave this space debris light as well so that we can see it better, give thanks to the Nasa engineers from us because we have a lot of space debris following us and now we know how……..;

  29. it is a ufo (unidentified flying object) or better said unidentified space debris, or an other satellite on a different orbit, look into how many orbits cross thru space center

  30. BO 88 says:

    Please tell me the name of the DJ!!!
    CARL COX????

    Greeting f .Germany

  31. I am looking for a few years now to the live footage from the iss,i never see stars.
    Sometimes i see something flying by,but never stars can someone explaine me why

  32. Why do you all argue in these comments? The C.I.A pays people to comment in these little boxes for you to read. There are rooms filled with people paid to comment on FB and Youtube and spread lies and propaganda. Stop arguing amongst yourselves like children and realise that other intelligent life in the ever expanding ocean of space is almost a certainty. People who deny it are almost as bad as flat-earthers. Its a mathematical impossibility that other life does not exist. . .

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