National Geographic – Another Bermuda Triangle The Devil’s Sea Mystery- Full Documentary


National Geographic – Another Bermuda Triangle The Devil’s Sea Mystery- Full Documentary …


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  1. borniemrik says:

    The background music is too loud. They need to fix it.

  2. Jackie Li says:

    Triangles??? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!

  3. Fluffy Bear says:

    I know why this is a thing it was curest by a witch that witch was in my family so when my family go there we do not get hurt but I'm still scared I don't even wanna go 15 feet in the air

  4. Who else is scared know?:(

  5. when science will solve this , only one who know who made this earth he have one particular decision

  6. the Derbyshire had design faults.they were found in her sister ship.The entire rear end of the ship simply came off due to metal fatigue.

  7. darbyshire……darbee shy er…..haa….its pronounced….darber-shear…….arr murr ika.

  8. Bruce Voigt says:

    Sorry I don't have the particulars but in the early
    seventies an airliner on approach suddenly dropped off radar over the great
    lakes. Only one survivor, which was the copilot. In a statement he said the
    approach was normal with absolutely no indication, instrument or otherwise that
    the air craft had dropped into the lake.
    Hearing this I new what had happened
    and like now people don't seem to be ready for such things. In my time flying the arctic had
    discovered two crashed air craft and of course reported these. Point is that
    aircraft have been found intact on the sea bottom. Along with ships it is
    theorized and demonstrated that floatation is nonexistent within released
    bubbles of methane and this is one theory to mysteries of the Bermuda
    What has not been realized (discovered) in these experiments is
    what comprises a bubble. It's tremendous particle nucleus and nuclei energy that
    is released when it pops or joins the atmosphere has gone undetected. Without
    the bubble membrane it is not realized that this phenomenon can interact with
    something in the air as it does with something on the water.

    If by chance
    flight 370 is found intact at the bottom of the sea then rest assured that it
    was part of both and why and how it could entered the ocean without being torn

    Just the other day a person ahead of me was having bubbles scraped
    off their coffee. I asked and was told they were sensitive to bubbles. So I took
    the time, soon eyes were glazing over so didn't have a chance to explain that
    the energy it took to make the bubbles and most of what it took to make a cow
    was included in each individual milk bubble .
    Now you know why your milkshake
    is so satisfying.
    After all, nutrition is the aura or spirit of what was

  9. pinkgalah says:

    i wish they would just put in the facts and leave the fucking drama out of it. it looks fake because of it.

  10. Photonzos says:

    At least do some research and pronounce the name correctly you stupid fucks.

  11. this is a great distraction to shut up my mind

  12. Nat Geo + Ridiculously overly dramatic music = Pure Soft stinky bullshit

    Rogue waves are real and can strike almost without warning. That is what's causing these ships' disappearances.

  13. Max Bosco says:

    Ia Ia Cthulhu!

  14. There not sick becuee dat big doctor and police. If you and me see something we are sick

  15. Really,Karin?????????

  16. ramil nagiso says:

    the topic does not explain Bermuda triangle but rather talk about how Derbyshire lost.

  17. Ernest Ruger says:

    I wonder, has anyone ever modeled the behavior of a tsunami passing over a seamount, sharp ridge, or sharp, deep trench? I expect you might get some surprisingly powerful localized turbulent and interference features. And how about a tsunami originating at the bottom of a steep trench? You should get harmonics off the sides and turbulence off the edges as the waves emerge into open water, not to mention the wave front coming more or less straight up. Could you get widespread cavitation in any of these circumstances, possibly even a supercavitation effect resulting in a loss of bouyancy?

  18. Karin Brekke says:

    Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

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