National Geographic Documentary 2016 Alien in space Mysteries UFO Documentary 2015


National Geographic Documentary 2016 Alien in space Mysteries UFO Documentary 2015National Geographic Documentary 2016 Alien in space Mysteries …


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  1. Lana Kortie says:

    Bible Rev. 22:16
    "I, JESUS have sent my angel to testify to you these things in the churches: I am the root and the offspring of David, the BRIGHT morning STAR"
    But how do we know which “ufo” is real ->
    and which is Made up, in a purpose to mislead people, by some reason? –

    f.i. christ and anti-christ p.
    Matt. 7:15-16 "Beware of false prophets, you will

  2. What an outrageous waste of money there are people so poor on earth they're eating wood, grass, and dirt and drinking from puddles and sewers, and we have idiots wasting colossal amounts of money on this nonsense. Is it any wonder that all of the great and infamous leaders of all time through out history love them or hate them have always started their reigns by imprisoning and killing off all of the academics.

  3. Jason Shaw says:

    disclosure next year never comes

  4. God is the Universe…we are the Universe experiencing itself…

  5. this is pure fucking CRAP oh yes nasa is looking for microbes cause they have no clue about the flying saucers all over the fucking place ,get ta fuck out of here with this fucking shit, ass wipe

  6. deeftonh says:

    Youtube is just 1 big advertisement now, id like to watch the documentary not being showing what shitt apps i can download YOUTUBE hitt urself a slap and grow up

  7. This documentary is more than 10 years old…

  8. George Isaak says:

    why NASA doesn't go back to the moon ? lol are you so afraid of them ? what did you do in moon and they hunt you down you morons ? Scientists my ass …i dare you go back and show us real evidence that you walked on it and what is really there . as for the rest of the viewers , guys you must check videos about area 51 and you will get my point

  9. W Thornhill EU theorizes our planet and Mars was originally attached to
    the brown dwarf and was captured by our sun Sol. The science of the
    electrical universe is impossible to deny and now the issue is of the
    ancient astronauts.
    Was there an advanced civilization ? YES! What would happen to an
    advanced civilization on a planet that was ripped from the brown dwarf
    by Sol? The planet would have been catastrophically disordered. The
    smarter us would have had to start over. I suggest our Sol was a red
    giant that imploded into our current sun by electrical contact with the
    brown dwarf and Earth was Sol's originally and the same catastrophe
    would have caused our smarter selves to have to restart civilization.
    I hope to see the wide and varied aspects of the EU to be combined with
    the megalithic sites, the ancient giants, the advanced technology, it is
    all part of the same thing. The only way forward is to have all the
    branches unite and push the same agenda.

  10. Meikel Vogel says:

    Compare this kind of journalismn with the quality of investigative journalismn by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (Watergate scandal) and what they achieved. This NatGeo Comic Journalismn is only for entertainment purposes.

  11. dukeof1999 says:

    The more you lie about mars the dumber you look to us.

  12. ge gis says:

    Alien are not real

  13. Daniel Ayala says:

    I can imagine, restaurants for the super rich serving crabs from Europa…. 25 grand each!! Of course squid salad for 45 thousand a serving.

  14. +mark fourtwenty Bible school really fucked u up you been brained washed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Daryl H says:

    Whats with all the ads…. Total S**T

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