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  1. Nana Agyeman says:

    Very informative and with different points of view! Watch The Greatest World War Ever- Long Before Armageddon

  2. OBAMA Bin Laden Go fuck your self!!!!!

  3. Russia has the message? Russia is only acting against America's saber rattling, under Obama who is of the spirit of error, and of the spirit of the way of darkness, in error, that he errors in the way when he goes about in fixing things, that it unfolds in error. Clearly America is in a war mindset rather than a peaceful mind set, and I will tell my Father in heaven I tried to warn the people of the truth about the spirit of the way of truth of God and Jesus they reject, and of the truth about the spirit of error which has them spiritually blind; that we Pray that those in truth can reach them in truth; that they turn from their ways of error.

  4. and yet americans are moving there missle defence systems on the borders of russia now russia gon take the middle east they will get into syria iran and iraq and setup there s400s in those countries and then they can deploy nuclear hypersonic missles to the region to threat saudi and israeli zionists mwahaha

  5. a country has a right to defend itself not what america says it can or cant have so that it can do what it wants what this means is that they dont want iran armed so that america can bully them easier haha wake up its politics

  6. Down with USA up with Russia.

  7. If we end up in WWIII ,it will be OBAMA and his crew who caused it ! So let's see which bed he will hide under, The Lincoln Bedroom bed ??? It's going to be crowded !

  8. fuck the USA you can give your arms to isis to who ever you want get fucked Kerry and Obama fucken wankers all the USA dose is start wars look at the middle east and the shit holes you have made of the places and you say that puttin is starting shit fuck the USA stop your lairs assholes

  9. CAUTION: Media is not a reflection of reality!

  10. Frank Heard says:

    misledding as always, propaganda, "Iran's nucleur weapons" sit, who the fuck told you that lie, iran is not making weapons, this is only a pretext for israel's agenda for america to be a fool yet agin for israel and her greator israel fantasy wherein surrounding arab nations must be fractionalized and broke up for israel to expaned, but of course the people you are reporting these lies too are the same dummies to believe your lies about the world trade center, well keep up the good work, they've been dumbed down so that they could never recognize your lies.

  11. Frank Heard says:

    what is infuriating is your reporting bullshit and lies and the people in America are really sick of you Liars always trying to go to war for the benefit of the bankers and Israel.

  12. Be Healthy says:

    she made me sick when she said " Ukrainian territory occupied by the Russians" what a dumbie.
    even dumbies know that territory was always Russia.
    it's a land with full Russian history of thousands of years in that territory.

  13. this news is full of shit.many poor around the cant help.

  14. The ww3 will start at the ego friction of war mongers. The. land of war will be away from weapon suppliers and at high population densities. The post war will start with scrach.

  15. Ed Ochoa says:

    trump is the end of the work stop that stupid redneck

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