Nazi Gestapo Checkpoints Spread Across America



Adam Strange

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is speading its tendrils across America like a cancerous tumor invading surrounding cells.

Responding to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the federal government launched a misguided attempt to consolidate terrorist information among different intelligence and law-enforcement agencies by creating a super-agency, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The gargantuan agency swallowed up the FBI, CIA, and Coast Guard while creating a new bastard child: the Transporatation Security Agency.

What began as an attempt to increase protection has become America’s modern version of the old Nazi Gestapo.

Comparing the Department of Homeland Security to the loathed Nazi security police is not too much of a stretch.

The DHS is preparing to implement plans to track all American citizens. Homeland Security is gearing up to install manned security checkpoints at bus depots and in train stations, sports stadiums, and hotels, and shopping malls.

They also intend to deploy surveillance drones across America’s cities and farmland, and surreptitiously scan motorists on the roads to determine if the drivers and passengers somehow fit terrorist profiles only the unseen “authorities” know.

Test DHS checkpoint at undisclosed mall

Test programs are activating smart cameras using artificial intelligence scripts to scan faces in crowds and determine if an individual is a “person of interest” to the nameless, faceless authorities.

Some in the FBI are now suggesting that even people’s tattoos be registered.

Worse, “mind reading helmets” are being developed to analyze and predict any person who may be suspected of illegal activities by the State. Who are the suspects? Chances are, you’ll be one of them.

Hidden scanners will be everywhere

According to, “Within the next year or two, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will instantly know everything about your body, clothes, and luggage with a new laser-based molecular scanner fired from 164 feet (50 meters) away.” [Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away]

Car and driver X-ray-portal [TSA]

State security with Superman’s X-ray powers

The Department of Homeland Security. Even the name has a fascist ring to it.

America’s Big Brother government has truly arrived and it’s worse than George Orwell ever imagined.

After the DHS assimilated FEMA, they jointly published a new manual outlining how to contain, detain, and constrain Americans during any type of national emergency that runs the gamut from a nuclear attack to the president stubbing his toe. Download this document [PDF] describing the formation and organization of America’s new “Black Forces Gestapo.”

A TSA VIPR Squad inspects vehicles

bravery under fire

A brave American patriot, Steven L Anderson, took it upon himself to challenge the unConstitutionality of the creeping and expanding powers of Homeland Security that, left unchecked, may do more than swallow up intelligence and law enforcement. It may eventually swallow up most of America and along the way individual liberty.

We’re here to protect you, now bend over

confrontation at checkpoint Able

Robotic goon with heavy accent at checkpoint:


other checkpoints

DHS security forces have already started expanding like a metastasizing cancer across the states. Special security forces designated as Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response teams (VIPR) now occupy many cities. They’ve expanded operations from airport security to train stations, bus depots, major highways, even street corners.

TSA VIPR security road checkpoints have been reported in California, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. In the coming years, DHS has big plans to roll out roaming VIPR checkpoints across all of the 48 contiguous states. These ground checkpoints will be augmented by aerial surveillance.

TSA invades a Tampa bus station

achieving Adolf Htler’s dream: total population surveillance

Recently, it was reported that “Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) questioned how the country was going to prepare for their upcoming ‘widespread use’ [of drones] in his opening statement and warned that in 2 1/2 years drones will begin to ‘dominate skies’ in the U.S.”

Others predict that by 2020 more than 30,000 drones will spy on virtually every American home, business, farm, and ranch. The drones will be deployed by federal agencies, state goverments, county law enforcement, and by private entities (such as non-profit groups and corporations).

Some in Congress are calling for privacy to be protected from the rising drone fleet. According to Yahoo! News:

House members from both parties said at an oversight hearing that they’re worried about potential privacy and security threats as the use of small unmanned aircraft becomes widespread. The Federal Aviation Administration forecasts an estimated 10,000 civilian drones will be in use in the U.S. within five years.

Sheeple await deadly radiation scan or frisking

Fiery legal authority, Judge Napolitano has proclaimed that the “first American to shoot down a drone will be an American hero.”


And the judge is right, to a point, because DHS will not consider that American a hero, but a terrorist. And the hero may spend the rest of his or her life in a federal lock-up.

We, the sheeple, will do what you say

as American heroes become federal suspects

DHS head, Janet Napolitano has let it be known that any American that stores too much food, talks about the U.S. Constitution too much, or praises the Founding Fathers too often is a potential terrorist suspect. Ex-military men and women are also potential suspects.

America in lockdown

Thus passes the glory of “The land of the free” as it mutates into a land governed by an unholy blend of 1984 newspeak politics and Brave New World bio-tracking and electronic surveillance technology.

Subcommittee Chairman Representatibe Michael McCaul’s opening statement at the Hearing on the Impact of UAVs in the Homeland:


Incidents such as the Aurora, Colorado shooting by a self-styled “Joker” that left at least 12 dead and dozens wounded will only accelerate the government’s stated goal to monitor everyone at all times.

The government is fearful of the people. The government has become paranoid. The government is slipping into an obsessive state of security. The potential terrorists are becoming the American people.

The irony is, with each step forward, the government of the land of the once free is mutating itself into the biggest terrorist organization in history.



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  1. anonymous says:

    It’s gotten out of control. It’s not just the government but also the media. This tells me that the government is actually being run by by the corporations that own the media. I have seen the movement of the media towards the demonization of white males since the mid-1990’s. At that time there was a mass movement towards the brain washing of American women to think that black men are more sexually desirable, and that white men are dumb and out of touch with female needs. Then there was a mass movement of women to be sexually involved with black men, because after all, who wants to be with a dumb, white male. They can’t dance, use back street language, and supposedly their penis’s are small. This is all hogwash as the medical community will tell you that penis size usually has to do with body size. And white men can dance. I went dancing the other night. I was the only male on the floor and the women loved it. I won’t discuss penis sizes because that’s a little personal.
    Today, white males are looked at with suspician. I am a white, bald 40 year old male and I am constantly glared at in malls, bars, anywhere that crowds assimilate. Sad thing is that the media will not talk about the demonizations of white males for fear of losing their TV and radio privileges. Which leads me to the fact that after a twisted white man killed people in Aurora the media went on a gun control frenzy. What they didn’t talk about, however, is that many more people were killed in Chicago by mostly black gangs in Chicago. No one wants to talk about that because it doesn’t fit in with their goal of disarming white males in America. We are the biggest enemy to the New World Order and to the UN. They will not stop their demonization of us until we are disarmed and our Consitution becomes a void document.
    I speak to the minorities that reads this: stop letting them divide us. That’s what they want to do. We do not want to go down the Soviet Union, Nazi road.

  2. ARIZONA says:

    THE WOMEN of america HATE real men,BUT they do love fagots that look like men,almost every man that is out there is in grave danger, the whores that call themselves women are looking for them and when ever they see them, the police gang are called and take them away to be put with all the other ALPHA males in prison………….and the guards are women and I’ve talked to them and they told me straight out ,WHEN THE WORD IS GIVEN,were going to put five bullets in every person in jail( city,county,state or federal) there dead,it ain’t no accident,these whores are in power,they can and will destroy the USA and it can’t be stopped,SOOO GET READY ,YOU BEEN WARNED……………………………….

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