Nazis started World War 2;Will ISIS start World War 3 Ray Sipe;Comedy;Parody


Ray Sipe:Vine=105 million loops;12 million Youtube views;#raysipe;Comedy;Parody;instagram=raysipeladygaga;8126 followers;;facebook=raymond sipe=3208 …


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  1. Feddy Video says:

    Go get 'em, Ray!

  2. l00pable says:

    Anthrax is a terrible disease :(

  3. Are you part of Isis

  4. Ludicrous says:

    It all makes so much sense now.

  5. Go Ray. I think you're the only one who actually realizes how dangerous Isis is. Certainly not our president.

  6. Shit… Ray actually got a point XD

  7. Felipe Banks says:

    Ray Sipe for Secretary of Homeland Security

  8. King Duck II is the greatest threat to the civilised world today.

  9. Exile64 says:

    Isis does horrible things. They kill innocent people, They violate laws all over the world, they give a bad name to innocent Muslim people, they take away women, children and whole families and murder them and they do everything against all of the human rights. Hopefully someone will stop them soon.

  10. Is ray giving me an honest to god PSA right now

  11. PREACH IT RAY!!!

  12. goldenhog says:

    isis did nothing wrong

  13. Gutsy says:

    goddamn ray youre a genius

  14. my fellow african american Ray

  15. Most serious ripe

  16. Casey Bersan says:

    now isis now how to screw us up

  17. fuck hillary and trump, we need ray for president.

  18. Foozic says:

    Austria actually started the war

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