Near Miss as Plane Prepares for Takeoff During Landing


Occurred on January 2, 2017 / Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport, Australia “I was filming arrivals and departures on Sydney airport’s main runway …


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  1. Soundwave says:

    isnt that normal during heavy traffic?

  2. Joey Lawson says:

    When u have nothing to comment

  3. I'm sorry…but I feel the title you are using for this video is borderline click-bait. There is absolutely zero "near miss" in my opinion. The second plane was surely in a holding pattern…waiting its turn to land as soon as the tower gave clearance. The angle you were shooting from might not give an observer accurate depth perception as to just how far apart the planes actually were as one took off and the other landed.

  4. alan scott says:

    place where you will see it are gatwick in london england, its normal during very busy times

  5. SoKal __ says:

    Not a near miss, just a busy airport.

  6. isocrate27 says:

    Fuck you Viralhog. Waste of my time. Unsubscribing.

  7. Kellie C says:

    Way too close. But nowhere near an accident.

  8. Brett Parker says:

    Over a kilometre is very, very safe!

  9. iSlam Nets- says:

    its a international airport skid like its a busy airport

  10. Jack Coombes says:

    Near miss my arseeeeee

  11. God damn when do you learn click bait hurts you more then anything else you could try

  12. Boncza says:

    near miss? lol, where? you think two object in 3 km distance is near? :D

  13. It's NOT a near miss. Here's a normal takeoff followed by a normal landing. Everything legal and it's quite common at a busy airport…. just as well as it says in the original description ;)))

  14. 123paul says:

    What happens if the plane taking off aborts and the plane landing wants to run long?

  15. It's not a near miss. It's the fucking wet dream of the ATC.

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