Nephilim: NEW Trey Smith on Hybrids, Satan, Demons and the End of the Age


Nephilim (NEW 2015): A TRUE Journey into the Dark Dimensions. For Nephilim 2 disc DVD …


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  1. the levitating child must be fake because any parent would of grabbed their child quick instead of watching it levitating like its something normal

  2. at 7:48 Trey makes the hand sign of 666. Is he a shill controlled agent too?

  3. Awesome documentary thanks for these Trey ! ??

  4. tom waters says:

    funny thing is this guy actually used Manson as a reference speaks volumes in its self. ancient alien much?

  5. fuck ewery1 who wants to sell and make money from documentaries…you should be baned from u-tube religius freak

  6. fudgedog says:

    Speed it up to 1.5, you'll thank me

  7. Never try to Mix the ADN of this stuff with a leaving creature, how are you handling this?

  8. I have encountered demons and fallen angles my self,before I seen ur videos I will tale ppl that aliens r actually demons,and some were fallen angles, I will tale them that they would have big eye sockets just pure black no light or eye balls.and when they enter the room ur body cant move ur awake u can see hear think but u can't move, I call these demon attacks,and ppl would say when aliens enter the room the same thing happens u can't move,I have seen holy angles,fallen angles,demons.and many more,it came to a point were i can hear them talking.

  9. so thank u for these videos it really helps,but yes when ppl begin to get close to Jesus and start seeking his face,then war breaks out in the spiritual realm,these is the reason y I would see and hear these things,cuz I was fighting the wicked in the spirit, don't get me wrong Jesus would speak to me even tale this day,.but thank u for these videos and research I also have researched it my self…and I really don't care who disagree's with you or me..cuz we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of these world,against spiritual wickedness in high places .eph 6:12..

  10. Ryan Yates says:

    wow….. I'm up! I'm awake!

  11. I TRUST IN GOD  I guess after doing the research that trust got easy lol

  12. Imy Zamzam says:

    You giving away a "BONUS" cd??? Trey u ain't short of a buck or two 🙂 funny twat , keep up the good work :)

  13. FreeThinker says:

    ¿ Can you add spanish subtitles ?

  14. Saluda Brand says:

    you are out there, brother, and i love it.

    because you are open to all these plot hole fillers without dismissing Jesus as God in The Flesh and a Divine Father in Heaven. if anything, this just helps scifi minds like ours grasp The Father's majesty for what little our mortal, inferior minds can fathom.

    i believe the second worst thing we can do other than deny The Holy Spirit and Jesus as The Way, is to put God in a box. Alpha and Omega cannot be put in a box, as logically, His Word is Infinite. books of the modern day Bible were hidden i believe, and yet, God had a plan the whold time when those Dead Sea Scrolls were hidden away in a tomb of time out of the hands of the organized church.

    stay strong. i'll pray for you and return the favor! God Bless you for your time in opening minds! (ps – love thr motivational music) -adam

  15. Sda Al says:

    sweet , & lovely .

  16. T.S., I click on your videos because I think you are one of the best Biblical teachers on you tube not to see "spooky stuff"  like you said in the beginning of this video.

  17. C.S.I.D ZN says:

    Trey, when you said 'almost finished' in this video, what did you mean?

  18. oojudg3oo says:

    Trey Smith, did you get a chance to view Robert Sungenis and Rick DeLano's documentary, The Principal? Or listen to their lectures and interviews?

  19. Juan Almaraz says:

    when the demons are trying to break through his what's going on that's my understanding that's why when in Matthew when the demons went out of the man and into the pig they said it is yet another time even if an angel of Light preaches something other than the word of God let it be a curse

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