Netanyahu Orders Mossad to Find ‘Violations’ to Discredit Iran Deal



Former Military Intel Chief Doubts Violations Are Happening

Reports from Israeli military sources say that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered Mossad and Israeli Military Intelligence to find evidence of “violations” of the Geneva deal between the P5+1 and Iran.

Netanyahu Orders Mossad to Find ‘Violations’ to Discredit Iran Deal

Netanyahu’s goal is to discredit the deal by proving that Iran isn’t taking the terms seriously, and his orders seem to assume that such violations must exist.

Retired long-time Israeli military intelligence commander Amos Yadlin isn’t so sure of that at all, saying that he believes Iran “didn’t sign onto this in order to breach it,” and believes Iran likely will abide by the terms of the six month interim pact.

Netanyahu’s opposition to the P5+1 pact is driving Israeli intelligence operations at this point, but hoping to discredit the deal by finding evidence that may not exist of something that likely isn’t happening is a tall order.

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  1. ticktock says:

    Hopefully we can all live long enough to see the complete collapse of the Zionist mind/money game to kill all non-jews!

  2. John Reagan says:

    Why does the press always post pictures of Bibi looking like he’s constipated and has been that way for a week?

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    I am blessed to have lived long enough to see a Zionist like Netanyahu sweat out of fear that Americans are wising up to their long term criminal deceptions and their crimes against humanity.
    There is plenty more to be done. I pray I will see all this come to a proper end.

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