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  1. L Rod says:

    Already here….

  2. MAJ-12/SM420 says:

    Brother Jesse- they are slowly but, SURELY advancing their tyranny by the day. Look how far they have gotten? That said, these things are "birthed" in my hometown and our University is helping with or without the knowledge of the REAL use of these drones. Not saying all will be used for control. They will use them for many useful purposes but, that's the excuse- "See? we're just surveying land to build a new mall, or looking for fire-hazards", etc. Great job.

  3. Bria Collier says:

    Brother Jesse I am shocked at how crazy this world is getting. Why are they spying on Americans? I think they are using these drones to prepare for an attack. Shame on the US government.

  4. Helen Kruse says:

    The majority in the USA don't believe this and think those of us who do are psycho's. What?!! All this is foretold in the Bible.We are seeing not only history coming to pass, but Biblical Prophicies come to light too. Those of us with the Mark of Yahweh will be freaked by it all, but not scared,those with the mark of the beast,and the numbers are many will be the ones to worry. Like the gays, the false preachers,etc. Our Nation is falling because we have kicked Our Father Yahweh out, in favor of gays,thieves,and degenerates.Everywhere you look it's click like on this and sign and share that, but it doesn't matter what we click or what we sign or share, the degenerates,and all the wrongdoers are doing what they want.All one can do is Pray,keep Faith in Yahweh and let Him handle it all,and handle it He will. He has already begun.Praise you Father and all I ask is to keep the innocent ones, the children who are too young to know You and aren't being taught about You, and Your animals safe. I ask this in Jesus's name…Amen. Shalom y'all……..

  5.  it is THE ILLUMINATI plan STEP 2

  6. We need to pray and get our local government attention on this !!!

  7. Julian Gomez says:

    So what your saying is that in one day the government/illuminati will attack the U.S.?? Like the bible says the apocalypse:/

  8. Julian Gomez says:

    May god bless us all:)

  9. dakkuri1 says:

    I know grand forks air force base has drone set up there. the base in north dakota

  10. Yes I have seen drones in the city of Phoenix, AZ.  Last was about a year ago and it hoovered about 300 yards or more, it's hard to estimate something in the sky, for a couple hours.  I didn't know how far it could see but I did give it the bird.  I don't know why the drones haven't been seen for a while, I am thinking the chemical clouds could be giving them cover.  Like how they are able to retract light or something like that so that we don't see the chemical spraying planes.

  11. there 100% in NJ iv seen them a few times

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