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  1. ali riaz says:

    upload another video soon

  2. sanam shazad says:


    awesome vdo i laughed so much

  3. Dolly pathak says:

    I really love Nasreen?? congratulations to both of you..????

  4. need more videos like them very much

  5. Ap Sahiwal me kis jaga sy taluk rakhty hai

  6. cha gaya to bhero teri har video funny hahhahahah purathy ziada kha lity ne 😛

  7. S & G says:

    I have started to post you're videos on my channel and all credit goes to you :)… Great work, keep it up

  8. Finish the fight and name him after me Aamir ???

  9. Yt Iiu says:

    what is this rubbish ?! r u gay or something this is harmful and disgustiny

  10. Aliza Mohsin says:

    bhai u r really awesome love from Pakistan

  11. Rahim pardesi you are the best British Pakistani comedian I know! I have watched all your videos and will never stop!

  12. Manno Kamran says:

    the are putting pillow inside their shirt

  13. Hamza khan says:

    do 1 wen nasreen does a pizza challenge

  14. Rahima Afzal says:

    Am waiting for another video its awesome!!!!!

  15. Asha Reddy says:

    my name is Ashar keep that name Nasreen it sounds good ??

  16. pliss baldi New video bheje

  17. Nadeem Ahmed says:

    now. the baby. has. comed make. all the. vedios with. a. baby

  18. Hamza Killer says:

    zulfiqar is my dad name lol?

  19. Munaza Ahmed says:

    What have u named ur child after all nasreen… I wonder…. maybe reveal in the next vid ?

  20. Afzal Ku says:

    good job y rahim hahah

  21. I m a new viewer of ur channel.. I just love ur vedios… u rock man…

  22. thanks for accepting my idea rahim

  23. Hamza Raj says:

    please ap ke vedios sirf bahir k mulko ma nhe pakistan ma bhe dakhe jate hy or mare pure famile dakhte hy so pleaseee ap ase lengueg mt use kry

  24. Musa Sohail says:

    bachy bhi dekhty hain Is bat ka khayal rakhna chaye

  25. mohsin ali says:

    outstanding we always waiting for his new videos that's make us so happy this one is also superb stay blessed Rahim bro

  26. Congratulations nasreen..?
    BTW great message…always???

  27. waiting 4 your new video's

  28. Lil Moogz says:

    this is exactly what we went through !

  29. Areej Farooq says:

    name the baby (Chota Pardesi)?

  30. Raza F. says:

    When he says the baby is bald like her father it's hilarious

  31. ANAM ALI ANU says:

    Call him chota pardesi

  32. zanni says:

    Is the next video going to have the baby in it

  33. so funny . just amazing
    great talent

  34. funny video..maybe do a sketch with nasreen doing a beauty blog ?

  35. Rabia Yousaf says:

    rahim u r crossing the limits now why dont you make a video like rahim teaching brown kids or like pardesi dealing with his kids study

  36. Zarah Akbar says:

    Is that a ball ?

  37. mubark ho beta howa hahaha?

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