New Arrivals to the Vintage Touch Antique Booth 2-18-17


Thank you for watching my video. I hope you will enjoy watching my videos from a wide variety of antique related playlists and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Questions & comments are always welcome. I sell 19th century & early 20th century antiques from my Vintage Touch antique booth in Antique Crossroads Hagerstown MD and I also have an online store. Most pieces can be purchased online – if interested please message me or leave comment below.

If you would like to see what my antique booth looks like, please view my ‘Antique Booth Tour’ video:

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3 Responses

  1. Karen Leabo says:

    Love that batter pitcher. So many pretty things.

  2. HEYA MY FRIEND!!! i left a BIG LIKE!!!T4S!!! i really enjoy ur videos!!!
    xo???❤️️???xo ? #StormyDidItFirst!

  3. The chickens are so cute,  and the candlebox looks really nice.  Good luck!

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