New Arrivals: wearMeunder LE Skins Collection


Kevin Spencer takes us through the hot new arrivals from wearMeunder! Check out the LE Skin Collections and let us know what you think below! Model Jacob …


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  1. PazzyCow says:

    the model has a nice body but he's face is meh :(

  2. Fahd Ali says:


  3. ChrisSaysIt says:

    Great video, I have these undies myself and they are really quite something! :)

  4. mike acord says:

    Love the brand!  I'm drawn to the sexy.  The model looks great, too!!!

  5. BobEckert56 says:

    Get Kevin and James to model the undies and I'll buy some, not until.

  6. To be honest, I didn't hear anything Kevin said and was just wondering how/when HE was gone model the undies ?

  7. I miss James & Daniel.

  8. Bartek4space says:

    mmm so hot Kevin :P

  9. Al Solis says:

    Would love to see Kevin Spencer in some of those pieces ?

  10. Hello Kevin ! You should be the one modelling… ;)

  11. Tim Love says:

    very sexy <3

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