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Insight into the Flat Earth Conspiracy and more… feat. and highly recommended videos and further informations: Sun Height and Star Movement on Flat Earth …


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  1. MV N says:

    Earth is not flat, we all are living on the outer shell of a giant cosmic tortoise, i know, because sometimes it talks to me.

  2. Poseidon63 says:

    I told my 12yr old niece "Do you know there are actually people who
    think the world is flat, like a pancake" After she stopped laughing she
    debunked this silly notion in a day, This is part of what she
    None of these would work or happen if the world was flat….

    Air and sea navigation, satellites, seasons, time zones, tides, compasses, gulf stream, global weather, global sea currents, hurricanes, cyclones etc., When she went to school the next day she told all her friends what I had told her and now the whole school is laughing at these retards who out of ignorance think the world is flat, hilarious

  3. dmurphy25 says:

    I didn't know that the article had been changed, it wasn't intentional misinformation on my part, I could only go by the information I had available to me… I hope you are not trying to label me as some kind of agent.

  4. Vasto Lorde says:

    The earth is a sphere.

  5. ODD Reality says:

    Decent video. I, personally, believe in the Gleason's map 100%. Watch Chippy the Chipmunk. Constantly proves that the Gleason's map does work. Immune2BS does good work on the map as well. I do agree that we need to keep looking. Still nothing but respect for you, C.

  6. EDIcoN says:

    fake globe model has no proof at all

  7. If you want to do an experiment to prove the earth is round, take a picture of a drop of water falling through the air – notice it will assume a roughly round shape (air friction will distort it slightly) as it falls. The earth was formed in space the same way. AS were all the planets and the sun. This was discovered many years before you were born.

  8. around the 18 min mark: the moron incessantly talking on, wallowing in language that sounds impressive but, actually makes no sense.. is just a turn off.. especially if you combine it with graphics which do not add sense to the audio. One can not simply dismiss a circular Earth without explanation. There is only one fully reliable ancient text and that is the Bible, which clearly states that the Earth is a circle. Whether you are a Christian or not, there is no possible way to avoid the Bible as 100% accurate. Flat Earth is not a conspiracy as it achieves 100% relevancy in experiments..unlike Globe earth, which fails at every level of investigation; that then would be the conspiracy.

  9. XARGON 666 says:

    How would a flat earth form in space?

    What forces would counteract the gravity to keep it from collapsing into a sphere?

    How thick is the Earth?

    What causes tectonic shifts and continental drift?

    Why does live undoctored satellite photography disprove this theory?

    Why do weather models proven to work on a spherical world work on a flat world?

    Can we harness the "energy" generated by pyramids to solve the energy crisis?

    Why do ships disappear over the horizon instead of getting smaller and smaller?

    Who benefits from perpetrating the global "Globe Conspiracy"

    Why is the shortest distance between two points proven to be an arc rather than a straight line?

    What evidence is there for "higher dimensional realms"?

    How do satilites in geo-stationary orbit work if they are operating on the basis of a globe shaped earth?

    Why is it always daytime somewhere on the planet? If all continents are on the same plane, wouldn't it be daytime and then night time for everyone at once?

    You say "do not take other peoples statements as fact, question everything" and then immediately say "The earth is not a globe" offering no evidence, and with no sense of irony.

    How does the sea stay on the earth? Why doesn't it fall off the edge?

    Is the earth rotating? And if so, why doesn't everything fly off into space?

    Why is gravity roughly consistant over the face of the earth? Shouldn't it get weaker toward the edges?

    I'll try and think of some more

  10. Brad Dwc says:

    Maybe this pacman bullshit would be credible if the imaginary vortex you need to create this crap was seen or recorded by someone , ….but no one has and never will , no ancient texts ever spoke of this cause its been made up in this era , maps like gleason have been around for centurys , go figure

  11. Was könnte man alles verstecken, wenn die angenommene Form nicht stimmt ???

  12. K-Slang says:

    How do you figure the sun travels in a straight line… there is plenty of video showing the sun moving in a circular path… Have you not seen the sun go completely around the north pole… How is that a straight line? So you think the sun moves in a straight line on the equinox only? And I have yet to see real proof that the sun is south of Southern Australia.

  13. Fav Bal says:

    The sun in the flat earth goes around in a circle over the flat land. So the shadow of the earth is cast on the moon's face when the sun is behind it and you can see the roundness of the earth from its shadow. Why is that if the sun and moon are on the same plane going around just above the flat earth?

  14. Felix Burke says:

    I've seen the earth as a blue, silver sphere when I left it's atmosphere during a spiritual journey. As I returned through our atmosphere and just before returning to my room I took note of the cars number plates parked in our street, After re-entering my body I immediately walked outside and saw the same number plates of the parked cars outside my house.. Flat earth ? You're all fucking nuts.

  15. Paul D'Arcy says:


  16. long video! the longer a video is,the more it demands of the listener/viewer..
    i wonder what percent actually read even a few of the comments,let alone even consider responding to them
    i salute those with the patience necessary to even begin to half-seriously study this most difficult and profound of subjects,,,,,the questions of cosmology,geology,astronomy,space-travel and the milit'ry-industrial complex,which is actually now,i believe,a clinical 'condition' if not 'syndrome'! what am i talkin' about,you might ask…well,i'm talkin' about many things,amigos! i salute you all who have made it this far!

  17. Len Mooring says:

    Extremely poor audio made the last two thirds of video unlistenable. You are right on the button with your first part. Facts, facts, facts, will eventually get us there.. Very well done.

  18. Bradacus 137 says:

    You really talked down on the equidistant map… your support was none? Solid evidence against it please? You are the second or third presenter I've seen push flat earth but try to steer away from a equidistant type map. Only one even gave any evidence why, and it was rather weak from my perspective. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts and research

  19. Joy C says:

    Good points…partly true, partly not, more complex than we think! Liked…stay with what you know!

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