New Jersey cop caught punching woman in the face on video


Arturo Garcia
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Police in Elizabeth, New Jersey are investigating footage that has surfaced online of an officer hitting a woman in the face during an altercation outside a nightclub.

Authorities told WNBC-TV on Wednesday that the unidentified officer seen in the video, which was posted on YouTube on March 3, is still on active duty while they look into the incident outside a local nightclub.

New Jersey cop caught punching woman in the face on video

The 20-second video begins with the camera shaking, but at least one man can be seen being held back by a group of people. The woman filming yells “World Star,” an apparent reference to World Star Hip Hop, a website that has posted videos of other street fights.

“I wanted to make sure that was you boo-boo,” the camerawoman tells another unidentified woman who walks in front of her, “‘Cause bitches wanna get fucked up.”

The man appears to follow someone into the street before backing away and being approached from opposite sides by another woman, wearing a red dress, and the officer. When the man raises his arm to make a gesture, the officer grabs him by the face and pushes him to the ground. The woman appears to reach toward the officer, at which point he can be seen rearing his arm back and swinging at her. A thud is heard as he makes contact.

Watch the video, posted by YouTube user Gabriella Díaz on March 3, below.


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