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  1. wmfivethree says:

    Wouldn't it be hilarious if they just TOLD him it was nuke proof, then lined the fuselage with silly string, and pocketed the rest of the money? You know, like American contractors do when they "rebuild" an Iraqi hospital we blow up for $100 mil., then put up a plywood shack that had "hospital" spray painted on it in stencil?

  2. It speaks for it self ,they have more money than sense ,what do they say a bigger fool part with their money ??? Oh yeah the steel it from the tax payers ,!!! Us poor slaves pay for the Luxuries !!!

  3. They get nuke proof planes while we'll be burning in the plains. SMFH! when are we gonna stop these fucking monsters?

  4. MrJim217 says:

    Everybody dies except for the ones that start the dam war I say we don't give the leaders protection then they'll be least likely to start a war.

  5. G'Playa says:

    Hate to be the Poor Bastard that has to test tharmt theory that its " NUKE PROOF"! LOL

  6. hell 0 says:

    What about long range SAM's like the S-400 – S-500? OR fighter Jets? and how the hell can something be nuke proof???? if a nuclear weapon was detonated just the sheer energy from the blast would crumple the plane like a piece of paper let alone the 21,000,000 degrees heat.

  7. You on the ground not underground best lube up and prepare thy anus for what is coming.

  8. Glory to Russia and God Bless the Brics…

  9. Yay, build a better plane to save the idiot.

  10. I hope it does not have to have tampons in the presidents bathroom. Uh Scratch that I mean female depends .

  11. Implying nukes will be the showcase of WW3. We are all in for a surprise.

  12. sdkee says:

    Brilliant. So the clueless idiot president-or-the-moment can go around kicking up wars all around the world and when the nuclear blowback inevitably occurs the president is the only one to survive.

    Of course, the gov can't find its ass with both hands and is thoroughly infested with graft and incestuous revolving door deals. So this plane will end up costing 100 trillion dollars and will only be capable of taking off on alternate thursdays. So at least you will be able to better predict which day the holocaust will occur as you huddle around your dung fire and try to save up for the next tax bill.

  13. One day…long after humans go extinct, some kind of intelligent life form will land here on earth, study our bones, our life styles, society will be considered herds. They will have museums with our bones on display arguing over why we died out. Just another life cycle that didn't respect mother earth, and the beat goes on, da da dum.

  14. geoffdundee says:

    hope it can stay in the skies for years until any survivors can build a runway for it to land on after the nukes have gone off

  15. Eddie Bond says:

    Thats if you ever get rid of Obama he seems to stick like shit to a Blanket.

  16. God please disable all war nukes. Amen.


  18. Dennis Ward says:

    Read the Earth grid by Bruce Cathy. Nuke war MAD is psyop mind control fear and loathing BS.

  19. no air plane can take an EMP, any airliner in the air within the EMP range of any blast will fry every computer in it.

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