New Space Documentary 2016. Aliens on the Moon and Earth (Documentary in HD)


Is there life in the universe except for our own existence? Buzz Aldrin may think so. Here is some good evidence that we have some neighbors.


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  1. 40 light years away? How would he know where they came from? This doesnt make sense…

  2. The poster of this vid needs bumming for lying.

  3. Suzy Mendez says:

    Humans will wipe themselves out with their dogma and myths. So said EBE3

  4. And isn't it funny that it was only the USA set foot on the noon and no other Nation as yet, as now we have better technology now then the 1960's to get there and make a base on it too; its better to build a base there first before going to Mars and doing one there, or have we really been warned not to go back to the noon

  5. Vyrex420 says:

    You know people like to think aliens look big headed and green type like but I dont think so. "Aliens" wont look much different than us. They will look similiar to us. The reason is cause for life to exist the planet needs to be in the "perfect" condition. If theres air, water, sun and the right distance and a few other things then it develops life. Bacteria. Slowly to small animals. We know it as evolution. Different bioms develops different kind of life to match the biom and its weather. Humans only exist for not longer than 10.000 years as far we know. But our planet is 4,6 billion years old. Life needs long to develop.

    As far we know humans are the most intelligent creature living. The brain is a wonderfull thing. Everyone develops its own opinion and the way they act. The way we act and our opinions are made of childhood memorys, friends, teachers, parents, living conditions. A perfect example would be a serial killer. Probs bullied at school, abused, raped ect… thats what make them let all the rage out when they are older. Computer type of technology dont exist more than 100 years. About 200 years ago we were still fighting with swords and using castle as a defense. We are just starting to develop. As of right now we are still using dinosaur fossil to power things. But look at the street. Electric cars are starting to show up. We are changing history right now. Oil isnt infinite therefor one day gas station will die out and everyone will forgot what "gas stations" are. We are in the perfect century where we are between finish exploring earth atleast the land part and starting to explore outside of the earth. About 80 years ago we just landed on the moon. And today in a few years we will send people to mars. And when the time comes where we can build hyper drive type of technology and finally meet "aliens" we realise they dont look as we expect, they look very similiar to us.

    Every planet in our solar system has a very close same age as earth and thats only about 4,6 billion years old thats nothing compared to others solar systems. So we actually just happend. Our solar system just happend. Somewhere in the universe there are a few planets that meets the right condition and needs, to develop life. They might just started to develop or are already more advanced than us. Our planet happend randomly. So are we. It just randomly fit the needs to develop life. Right now somewhere in the universe there might be a planet that circled for billions of years around and its sun cooled down to the right temperature and it develops the right condition and needs over the course of billions of years then it might develop life…

  6. Hazel Blair says:

    it is not up to a group of people that run this planet to decide whether or not the human race is capable of handling the truth. when these people that are running the planet dont know the meaning of the word truth. they telling the truth for onec and see how you get on . i am shore they would be surprised. but hay……there is no profit in truth is there. oh well back to being lied to i gess.

  7. GamerEagle says:

    they should send a MARSOC battalion to root them out!

  8. I dn't get why some videos are not ready for off line..!!are you sorting what we're supposed to watch.??A.X

  9. Shady says:

    ahhh…where to even start on this madness…First off, if aliens are scouting out a place to visit and they look through their ultra bad-ass telescopes and see Earth…they probably see dinosaurs or cave men walking around with sticks since the light from our planet takes time to reach them they will see earth as it was not is. Secondly, they evolved past our 3 dimentions if they have the ability to travel interstellarly. They might not even breath nitrogen and oxygen. i could go on and on about why aliens have not visited us yet. All with proven science.

  10. Truth seeker says:

    This was not made in 2016..please get your dates right this is old

  11. X.E.X C.G says:

    I hate society I hate jobs and things like that we are living human beings we are mammals we aren't supposed to be forced into places to get money what even is the point of that it really confuses me

  12. every good is a fairy tale and hey maybe we are only in a simulation anyway

  13. You are right.Religion as phoney as it is would be destroyed and people would have to think for themselves.

  14. Typical Nasa bull shit.

  15. Jason Cavitt says:

    Buzz Aldrin: professional liar.

  16. Another asshole who wants to waste good, decent and interested people’s time, just for revenue hits. They now know that masses of peoples thoughts can directly affect the fate of another person (the target), so I suggest every time you come across an old shitty video deliberately labelled "New BBC UFO video" or "New 2016 BBC video"(that’s clearly not BBC quality) or "New 2016 documentary" and just DELIBERATE LIES just to get you to watch some old video for a few seconds and realise, but give them $$$ revenue as you "clicked on it", they are just lying and wasting your time for their own greed"….They are no part of the decent YouTube community.

    I ask every person having their time wasted to just close your eyes for a moment and think "THE UPLOADER HERE IS DEVELOPEIN FACE CANCER BECAUSE HE/SHE IS A LYING TIME WASTING CUNT, YES WASTING MY PRECIOUS TIME AND MY LIFE AFTYER A DAYS WORK"… These liars will all soon be too busy having chemo trying to save their asshole faces to keep do anymore DELIBERATE LYING.

    If you don’t believe this "mass hatred" works just YouTube "morphic Resonance"… To the video uplaoder and all other SCUM like him/her, thanks for wasting my precious time after a days work and please enjoy the facial cancer (our collective gift to selfish bastards like YOU)..

    These are deliberate liars working tricks for money, they deserve death and we can then all have a better world. It si now getting impossible to find UFO info with the shit peddled by Securetame, Thirphase and Looknow plus now this asshole Curious, all either posting LIES or posting videos we have a all watched 100 times, deliberately rebadged as "New 2016" Keep looking in the mirror "curious" you will have something new for 2017 you TWAT..

    Cut and pase this instruction to "hate on the BS uplaoders" and put it on every blggards greedy UFO site and once they are all gone, or in treatment busy trying to save their faces falling off, we can all sit back and enjoy normal accurate research into UFOlogy again with no pathetic CGI, no "All new 2016 UFO documentary" (2000 re badged etc) and other tricks / lies etc….I say F**K thes gobshites.

  17. Gerald Naco says:

    i know all the answers. i was born in a deep cold Antarctica.

  18. I have seen a ufo and I do believe in intelligent life on other planets. I just do, we cant be the only ones.

  19. alien brother please contact Chinese people …he builds your construction fast.. thanks..

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