New Tupac Shakur Documentary Full Movie by Know The Truth TV Hologram Killuminati Illuminati Exposed


Go to 1 : 53 : 30-02 : 02 : 12 Jay Solli of The Vinny Eastwood Show This is the first documentary I have been a part of and I did not even know about it !


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  1. B Classen says:

    I figured it was deeper than what I've done Vincent ty for helping me see everything crystal clear. It didn't dawn on me about a lot of things but you have given me everything I needed to justify as to why stuff happened I didn't remember about tier 7 forgot about executive order 11110. I just wish that more people would stand up to the communist bastard people have a brain they need to start using them! Thanks for the video and uh I want to say this about the ones that don't believe this it is real so WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!! ARE YOU ALL THAT DAMN BRAINWASHED AS TO THINK THE GOVERNMENT OR THE MEDIA IS GONNA HELP US? THEY HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY MINDFUCKING US SINCE THE DAYS OF QUEEN VICTORIA OR BEFORE I'M NOT GONNA GIVE U A HISTORY LESSON DO RESEARCH!!! THE ROTHSCHILDS WERE REAL. KENNEDYS WERE TOO KENNEDY TRIED TO LEAVE AGAINST THEM THEY SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD. END OF STORY! AND THEY SAY I'M STUPID AS AS FUCK! THAT'S WHY I RESEARCH EACH TOPIC BEFORE I JUDGE AND POST SOME BULLSHIT. TRY IT GUYS RESEARCH EVERYTHING IT WON'T HURT OR DO YALL WANNA CONTINUE TO GET MIND FUCKED?!DAMN PEOPLE! again great video Vincent and you helped clear this up somemore for me and I hope you keep doing this work thanks!

  2. B Classen says:

    About my last post it was tower 7 not tier so don't say I mispelled I know I did

  3. Own this, I dunno who did it but if it was Suge well, karma comes sooner or later.

  4. great info…….glad i watched and see others feel and think like i do

  5. Josue Rizo says:

    Truth is, what people hate to see is tupac became reckless and hostile, hence becoming hypocritical against the pedestal he stood for and rhymed about. Too much fame, vices, and his huge prominence consumed him and drove him to his wild antics which later the repercussions to hold. Personally, I believe it was a blatant homicide from adversary/enemy. 

  6. Greg Chery says:

    jay's signe is diamond not suckcockingtriangle ;)

  7. Bad times says:

    This man names Russell Pool sounds like my kind of cop

  8. Linex says:

    terrible interviewer

  9. 1017squirrel says:

    2pack huh….???lol

  10. larry89 says:

    And then Frank dies.. What a fucking coincidence

  11. Shoe Prano says:

    this is nick bloomfield? the one that also did a documentary about kurt cobain being murdered?

  12. Wow, he basically saying Snoop Dog is a RAT i.e. a snitch! But when it all balls down to it, Shug had something to do with Pac`s Murder period!

  13. 999across says:

    I don't buy the theory for various reasons but specifically if anyone has been on parole or probation in the Cali. or anywhere in the States they'll tell a violation is incredbly hard to beat, more importantly the assault was caught on film which assured Suge would be violated & have to due the remainder of his bid. Also, if you look at this case & follow the evidence it actually points away at Suge. And anyone whose run these streets knows most of the gangsters don't have proper firearm training meaning I highly doubt that Suge or anyone for that matter would put themselves in the line of fire even if the "hitman" was a proffesional. Then again, no one is ever satified w/ the simple truth they always want there to to be some nefarious plot which was hatched out in some smokey room by some shadowy figures when the reality is niggas get killed everyday whether you bobo from the corner or Pac. This is the sad reality of street life.

  14. I don't get it sug got shot too in the head

  15. wtf? surge says if he knew hu killed pac he wont tell d ploice cos it aint his job 2 solve homicide, nigga knows morevdan we know cos he might have done it

  16. Godsouljah99 says:

    The world may never know, but what truly matters the truth will always return,, and honestly it has never left…

  17. Buck Brown says:

    prof griff sound like the mad rapper. made cause he couldnt make it. so everyone who made it getting fucked in the ass. get the fuck outta her. sacraficing people, people die everyday, rich people are not excluded. this mutha fucka is irrelavent so he gotta be heard somehow. people need to start thinking for themselves and stop lettin ignorant muthafukas like this put that bullshit in their head.

  18. So they kill Pimp C for talking about Homo's a couple times but Dr. Griff is still alive after all the stuff he talks about. He does have alot of smart things to say but he takes it a little to far with the black pride bullshit.

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