New Tupac Shakur Documentary Full Movie from KnowTheTruthTV Killuminati Illuminati Exposed Part 1


The full movie New Tupac Shakur Documentary Full Movie from KnowTheTruthTV Hologram Killuminati Illuminati exposed was removed today from youtube that had …


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  1. Kevin Jones says:

    woooww! Stay away from that nigger stay away from that cracker! Wooowww! Lol smoke another one

  2. This was reeaalllyy half-assed…

  3. m3shad ……Machiavelli wrote " The Prince " which I've read repeatedly and not " the art of war " tsu wrote that book geez

  4. By any means necessary:::Malcolm X
    So i say if you want American back….Pick up a gun and get it done

  5. the real macavellis enemys tried 2 kill him nd they thought they got him so he let them think that nd when the dust cleared he came 6acc 2 retaliate nd killed his enemys he didn't fake his death he jus let erryone think he wus dead…dats sum g shyt…

  6. CLA UDIU says:

    The pope and his jesuits control the illuminati

    the illuminati uses the mission plan they came up with 500 years ago

    the illuminati uses their occult symbolism

    everything derives from the pope and jesuits

    and the reason for all this is simple

    the pope is the anti christ whom the lord jesus warned us about

    u see the prophets told us satans servant would hide in christianity rule from rome and dare to call himself the equal of christ

    only the pope fits the criteria

  7. reallyraw412 says:

    sounds true, its gona happen no matter what it was prophecised so its gotta happen but the people dont know because their blind they need god

  8. fadedfayz says:

    your ignorance is humorous. religion is full of shit. fact.

  9. CLA UDIU says:

    most of the worlds religions come from satan

    they are a lie your right

    but there is a religion that comes from God
    it is believe in jesus christ who loves you and died for you

    if you do so God will erase your sins from his book

    satan wanths to keep you from this religion

    satan even created counterfits of this religion ps the catholic church

    but if you go by the word of God
    you will know who God is and what he wanths from you

    jesus is his way the only way the only truth the only light

  10. James Cole says:

    2PAC is coming back for his people…wake up people and realize what is about to happen. NWO…FEMA CAMPS…EXTERMINATION OF MINORITIES…GOD BLESS US ALL

  11. true the book of relavations is coming

  12. Andrew Le says:

    ' oh im sry, i didnt know ' in a british accent = classic !

  13. Jeff says:

    Bunch of Bullshit

  14. I knew this was a setup. Why do we need to work to eat when we can just take it? I don't need a green sheet of paper with a Devil sign on it with it saying, "In God we trust." You know who wins at the end anyways. Pac was doing the right thing by exposing the truth. Don't lie to yourselves. Live the truth.

  15. So do you, idiot. (smerks)

  16. Sup niggaz I'm back to life, REINCARNATED from Tupac Amaru shakur into marcelino alvarado and now living in knippa Texas as a 13 year old hope y'all niggaz believe i swear to Jesus.god bless all of yall killuminatti4life. ALL Y'ALL NIGGAZ KNOW ME AN ORIGINAL OG COMIN FROM THA GRAVE NIGGAZ.Image somethin up.FROM PROPHET TO PROPHET. MY SOULS COMBINED WITH ANOTHER MIND

  17. STAY CLINT says:

    actly fuck the nwo.

  18. Ms Black says:

    Pac was about telling black people what's going on behind the scenes. No he wasn't racist but he knows there's evil whites in power in high places that wants to destroy our(Negro) people. The movie that's coming out about him is lies and we have blacks that's against our own people,in high places as well. Tupac was exposing what we blacks needed to know and now i see he wasn't crazy then and what he meant is reality now.

  19. Shonna B says:

    If Pac do won't be him..ancient evil is forreal. They know everyone would be worshipping him…they just might use him as the big bang.

  20. are believe in illuminati and killuminati?? For me tupac use god to be his own problems. And tupac kill illuminati that was a sin god said us don't murder 

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