New U.S. bill contains 6 Illuminati messages!


A video blogger claims that there will be a future missile attack on the USA. He is wrong. The New 100 dollar bill do actually have six hidden and creepy Secrets.


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  1. Stoner James says:

    Oh Ye of little faith! Since the dawn of the Federal Reserve in 1913, America will never see the gold standard again. And Ye that believe so are blind or still sleeping. The Federal Reserve was placed to STEAL Americas wealth and gold. Not bring the gold standard back. All other prophecies made by US currency by folding them like Mad Magazine fold-ins are albeit TRUE! If you doubt me then re-fold the bills, see current events, and see that they have come to pass!

  2. REPENT he is here the anti christ is on the planet and is putting the mark beast in the food stamps by implanting chips we are almost there pray

  3. wkeil1981 says:

    Utter bullshit

  4. My name is posted above! I'm not afraid of the evil powers of the evil one! I live in Redmond Oregon abd I've discovered how to fight against harp with the power of reflection from ground up! Water sprayed on surface creates reflection! The larger the surface area covered the stronger the reflection!!! This reflection in turn will push chemtrail particulate's high into stratosphere leaving large holes in sky to allow GODs natural sun rays to shine through along with that natural blue! I've also discovered that water is limited in places and the cost can be very high on water bill! However, JESUS CHRIST showed me other ways to cause reflection and what works best!!! With greatest results!!! Thermal safety blankets mounted to wood frame with board attached on back with hinge to adjust angle of reflection! I've been at war with us air forc-e for 5 months now!!! I could disappear at any time and it's through GODs amazing grace that I'm still here!!! I don't want this discovery to be shared with all who have ears to hear!My yay and nay are true.Ive posted many videos on YouTube showing my discoveries.However, for some reason not many hits! If you type in my full name Craig Garinger You'll find I've posted around 25 videos.If you have a desire to fight against chemtrails in a non violent manner then this message is for you.May JESUS guide you and give you the spirit of a warrior! GOD will support you if you choose to decide and fight against this chemtrail evilness! GOD is very upset with the people involved in killing HIS creation!!! Please feel free to contact me for more info my phone number is 541-610-3311

  5. Sorry about typo! What I meant was I don't want this information to go to the wayside! I want to share it with all whom will listen!

  6. Okay I am not saying this is real but I'm saying anything is possible. I get freaked out watching this. I see one where all $20 dollar bills made before 2003 if looked at the right way show the twin towers Burning

  7. Is part of illuminati?????!!!!!!!

  8. AciD iMerK says:

    why would the US put HAARP on dollar bills…think guys…

  9. OMG I've seen those clouds over Texas!!!

  10. deephouse412 says:

    man, you really dont like "that blogger" I missed it, was he wrong?? Being right isnt the greatest thing ever. Really patting yourself on the back in your own lame ass video. got thru 2.5min…  i was done.

  11. Karinshka O. says:

    People, please don't confuse yourselves ,there are two very big differences on Illuminati and Mason
    I think someone is trying to confuse us, I think this titled is wrong instead of illuminati should say Mason
    all the things that are saying here are Mason not Illuminati search for more info if you want.You really think if what they say about the Illuminati were true do You think that the government will allow people to openly found out about their dark secrets
    allowing documentaries on tv?? of course not,Masons are obviously using the Illuminati for covering themselves MASON they are evil they use Tv and the social media to brainwash us

  12. Ethan Taylor says:

    This is the dumbest shit I've ever watched lol! I think I just got dumber from watching this. Also, the worst video I've ever seen as far as the creator of it. Terrible, I recommend everyone not watch this! LOL

  13. why can NOBODY show us how to fucking fold it

  14. jimhickeyjr says:

    Wat song is that?

  15. Joe W says:


  16. The triangle Have 3 line
    Earth is the third planted
    This is a Third row
    Iluminati Confirmed !

  17. dreiksrt12 says:

    The HAARP project¡¡¡¡¡¡ Nice¡

  18. I don't understand why people are so against what you did. I thought it was great! In my opinion, WELL DONE!!

  19. Name of that 3d anime like pic plz

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