New UC Berkeley Test Reveals Fantastically High Cesium Levels on California Roadside


For all the naysayers who said that Fukushima radiation wasn’t hitting the West Coast, here’s a new one for you. UC Berkeley lab tests are now showing high levels of cesium in cattle feed from a California dairy farm that was sent to a lab nine months prior to the test results being received  – a long delay that suggests levels are much higher now. Then, the one-two-punch – asphalt along a roadside in the sunny city which catches plenty of rainfall was then measured, much more recently, and a disturbing 3579 pci/kg were found. By anyone’s standards, that cannot just be chalked up as background radiation. Fukushima fallout isn’t just coming via ocean currents. It is in our rain, air and soil now.

New UC Berkeley Test Reveals Fantastically High Cesium Levels on California Roadside

After more than three years of government cover ups – from Japan, and within our own US agencies, the evidence is coming out from citizensUniversitiesonce-silenced scientists, and other reputable agencies making it almost impossible to keep the true damage of the Fukushima fallout quiet.

Those who have been looking for evidence – who haven’t seen fish washing up on their shores, or animals dying on their farms, insects with strange deformations – here’s the evidence. Radiation won’t kill you right away. It’s like other biotech and weaponized weather tactics our governments are using against their own people – it’s a soft kill that the disbelieving will wallow in, sadly, until they are already too far gone to realize the ‘conspiracy’ was truly to wipe out masses of people – whether it was done ignorantly for profit by the nuclear industry our as a false flag event to keep as all in check, and under totalitarian rule, will not matter.

Imagine entire crops of food that we rely upon from California, and along the West Coast of the US, Mexico and Canada being completely inedible due to radiation poisoning. The fish from the Pacific is already too toxic to eat, and our livestock will suffer, as clearly indicated by this UC study, as well. Japan has already reported silk worms that are Godzilla-like in their radioactive deformity, while the other 95% of the species simply died off, and they were just closest to the fire. For those still sticking their heads in the ground, the rest of us understand. This is not an easy pill to swallow, but the fact remains, it is time for some radical, revolutionary clean-up – of both of act as care-takers of this planet, and of the radioactive mess itself.

There are numerous ideas out there. It is time to measure their effectiveness and put them to use. Some experts suggest using amagnetic separation system to cull out cesium and other radioactive particles. Others suggest nano-silver could be useful. Hemp has been shown to be an incredible phytoremediation medium for contaminated soil, and the Keshe Foundation has some inexpensive suggestions on how to remediate soil, air, and water as well.

After all the clean up of radioactive waste, and billions of dollars which will likely be needed to even make a dent in its removal, nuclear energy plants need to be shut down one by one, and never permitted as a source of energy (or warfare) again.

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  1. 5WarVeteran says:

    Berkeley admits it but the US Government who turned off the radiation sensors will not. Just like they hide the truth about toxins in the seafood coming from the gulf.
    OUR GOVERNMENT LIES. Watch Obama his lips move. That is how you can tell he is lying.

    Radiation causes cancer, deformities, still birth and more. They all mean money for the Elite. Follow the money. Stop being stupid.

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