New UN White Paper Defines Internet Users as Potential Terrorists


“The Internet is a prime example of how terrorists can behave in a truly transnational way; in response, States need to think and function in an equally transnational manner.” — Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations 

By Shepard Ambellas

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, (UNODC) in conjunction with the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force, recently claimed in a white paper entitled The Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes that, “The use of the Internet for terrorist purposes is a rapidly growing phenomenon, requiring a proactive and coordinated response from Member States.”

The globalists backing this agenda “by the rule of law” (essentially a United Nations term that suggests US law can be circumvented by way of UN treaty) would love nothing more than to shut down key sections of the internet including alternative news and blogger sites that have the ability to release true and accurate information in near real time.

Richard Barrett, Coordinator of the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team Co-Chair of the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force Working Group on Countering the Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes wrote:

“The Working Group is confident that the present report will help to identify the legislative areas in which the United Nations can assist in the implementation by Member States of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in combating the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes”.

Over the past decade the United Kingdom has led the charge to “counter the use of the internet for terrorism purposes” according to the white paper.

“The British Government therefore welcomes the opportunity to support UNODC”

However, this has really been a plot to incrementally hammer out strategic ground work to limit and censor yet even more information from the internet as the globalists propaganda streams have been bypassed by the alternative media, bloggers, and citizen journalists worldwide in what Hillary Clinton admitted really is an information war.

The UNODC white paper claims that:

“Technology is one of the strategic factors driving the increasing use of the Internet by terrorist organizations and their supporters for a wide range of purposes, including recruitment, financing, propaganda, training, incitement to commit acts of terrorism, and the gathering and dissemination of information for terrorist purposes.” broadly including or lumping in what some would say would be the equivalent to internet bloggers, avid readers, researchers or even smartphone users.

In fact, it gets even worse than that as essentially anyone that makes any type of economic transaction on the internet could be a potential terrorist.

Chapter 1, section 2 – Part 14 of the white paper states;

Terrorist organizations and supporters may also use the Internet to finance acts of terrorism. The manner in which terrorists use the Internet to raise and collect funds and resources may be classified into four general categories: direct solicitation, e-commerce, the exploitation of online payment tools and through charitable organizations.

Direct solicitation refers to the use of websites, chat groups, mass mailings and targeted communications to request donations from supporters.

Websites may also be used as online stores, offering books, audio and video recordings and other items to supporters. Online payment facilities offered through dedicated websites or communications platforms make it easy to transfer funds electronically between parties.

Funds transfers are often made by electronic wire transfer, credit card or alternate payment facilities available via services such as PayPal or Skype.

This is extremely frightening as now the average American citizen is defined as a potential terror threat.

With cameras on almost every street corner, internet police, and cyber crime divisions, the “useless eaters” (as Henry Kissinger calls the general populace) could soon be restricted from accessing useful and god given information internet wide, with globalist propaganda being the only line of communication to the masses.

The UNODC also goes on to outline that terrorists are actually trained over the internet and how these platforms “act as a virtual training camp” for terrorists and terror organizations operations.

“These Internet platforms also provide detailed instructions, often in easily accessible multimedia format and multiple languages, on topics such as how to join terrorist organizations; how to construct explosives, firearms or other weapons or hazardous materials; and how to plan and execute terrorist attacks”.

Chapter 1, Sections 18 reads;

18. For example, Inspire is an online magazine allegedly published by Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula with the stated objective of enabling Muslims to train for jihad at home.

It contains a large amount of ideological material aimed at encouraging terror- ism, including statements attributed to Osama Bin Laden, Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri and other well-known Al-Qaida figures.

The fall 2010 edition included practical instructional material on how to adapt a four-wheel-drive vehicle to carry out an attack on members of the public and how a lone individual could launch an indiscriminate attack by shooting a gun from a tower.

The publication even suggested a target city for such an attack, in order to increase the chances of killing a member of the Government.14

This insinuates that any online publication including websites like,, and other popular alternative news websites are in fact being covertly targeted by counter-terrorism task forces.

Chapter 1, Section C – Part 30 outlines the “use of the internet to counter terrorist activity” calling for counter intelligence operations.

30. Online discussions provide an opportunity to present opposing viewpoints or to engage in constructive debate, which may have the effect of discouraging potential sup- porters. Counter-narratives with a strong factual foundation may be conveyed through online discussion forums, images and videos.

Successful messages may also demonstrate empathy with the underlying issues that contribute to radicalization, such as political and social conditions, and highlight alternatives to violent means of achieving the desired outcomes.

Strategic communications that provide counter-narratives to terrorist propaganda may also be disseminated via the Internet, in multiple languages, to reach a broad, geographically diverse audience.

Section 30 describes how internet operatives will essentially target online comment sections, forums, and other valuable sources of real time information.

Although this is really nothing new as internet police and operatives have been providing counter intelligence operations on the American populace for years.

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The UN would love to have everything read “by the rule of law” as referred to in a speech by George W. Bush.

Soon through international treaties there will be no more local law.

As a matter of fact, we have seen this already with the silent suspension of the US constitution under World Health Organization imposed pandemic level 6.

Starting back in 2009 with the H1N1 flu virus, this suspension continued until March of 2012 when the provision expired after being extended in late 2009 by president Obama thus allowing the illegal banker bailouts to take place.

The white paper also targets file-sharing networks, section (d) 191 in Chapter IV reads;

(d) File-sharing networks and cloud technology

191. File-sharing websites, such as Rapidshare, Dropbox or Fileshare, provide parties with the ability to easily upload, share, locate and access multimedia files via the Inter- net.

Encryption and anonymizing techniques employed in connection with other forms of Internet communication are similarly applicable to files shared via, inter alia, peer- to-peer (P2P) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) technology.

For example, in the Hicheur case (see para. 20 above), evidence was presented that digital files in support of terrorist activities were shared via Rapidshare, after being encrypted and compressed for security.

Some file-sharing networks may maintain transfer logs or payment information, which may be relevant in the context of an investigation.

The bottom line is that we can all be lumped in as terrorists under these descriptions provided by the UNODC.

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    Beginning of terror rule by the American Fourth Reich !

  2. Dan Higgins says:

    That is perverted logic. like saying because you own a car you are a potential car bomber. Or if you own a pack of matches or a lighter you are a potential arsonist. If you own a fork or knife you are a potential murderer. These morons insult humanities intelligence. Get out of the UN.

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