New Video Threatens Attack On DC As Pope Francis Talks World War 3


For VR – More terrorist attacks Across Paris The Derka Derka released a new propaganda video praising …


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  1. bigrebnc1861 says:

    Syrian "refugee" that was sent to Louisiana that left was found in DC yesterday

  2. bigrebnc1861 says:

    ISIS is a creation of the obama administration.

  3. Nikola Tesla says:

    Ok., so the New World Order is here…, but calm down a bit MaKaElectric, mass panic and mass hysteria are part of the agenda..

  4. A How says:

    Why are americans so scared of Syrians when it's you americans that kill each other the most. I'd be more scared of the neighbour than these poor refugees.

  5. Cherry pie says:

    was it Manchester UK ?????

  6. Cherry pie says:

    I am really pissed off now… Manchester UK is my area! I would really advise not striking Manchester uk… otherwise lots of Muslims who are innocent in this will suffer because of such an attack.. oh wow wtf… time to prep..

  7. Agnot Wot says:

    States saying no to refugees means NOTHING. It's a simple PR move my state gov to look like they are doing something. The Feds can put whoever they want where ever they want. It comes down to them doing it with or without the states assistance. And even then if they put them in one state nothing stops those refugees from going where ever they like. As for this being a blackjack op then if you really think that you should know there is nothing that will stop them from coming in and all you can do is prepare.

  8. mike alphin says:

    bless up hard love no fear

  9. 5ku11kr4mp says:

    careful…don't bust a blood vessel dude lol.

  10. Glen Welch says:

    navy vet here, things heading south in a hurry,checking the news and now Sweden and ITaly are on high alert!!! we need to take these scumbags out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! already.

  11. rockstar says:

    OMG MAKAE is losing it… lmao.. BUT you are exactly correct..

  12. Thank You , keep telling the Truth Brother !!

  13. charles hill says:

    more people should get angry too.good work by the way.

  14. we sure dont want them here in pennsylvania our local state representavie;s has sent letters to harrisburgh to ask the govenor to stop the plan of refugees coming here

  15. Mrlz56 says:

    We have to take a stand! OPEN SEASON on 13 22 19 12 9 13 19 coded (# =) and 13 15 19 17 21 5  on 911 our high jacked government murdered approx. 3000 of our sons and daughters.  The biggest crime in American history and they were not going to do a investigation till some of the families pitched a bitch.  GUILTY nano thermite military grade found in the dust.

  16. i hoping donald trunp get in he says he willstop them from coming

  17. yeah butt hoping he isnt no worse that what we got in there now

  18. Phoenix8506 says:

    +MaKaElectric also would like to share this with you. I live between two nuke power plants and just within a year the government built a FEMA shelter with huge CBRN filtration units its own water supply and nuclear decontamination stations. Before it was complete the government came in and did drills if one of the plants was attacked at our local high school. Also they have put huge led signs on roads leading into my town and underneath them nuclear evacuation signs. Not to sound all crazy but it makes you wonder if they might know something we don't due to the speed they built all this and the drills at same time. Of course it may be nothing.

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