New World Order A World War 3 In December 2015 The Last #Prophecies #Sheikh Imran Hosein’s 2014


New World Order A World War 3 New World Order A World War 3 New World Order A World War 3 new World Order A World War 3 December 2015 The Last …


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  1. Aminul Haque says:

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    "…For those of you who may think how a Message from Divine sources could sprout such sensational “nonsense.” Think again. Go back and read the Scriptures. The Words contained in My Father’s Book of Truth are correct. They tell of events from ancient times. They yield the Truth in order to guide you to God. The Words of My prophets then and now represent the full Truth of life to come.."
    Your loving Saviour
Jesus Christ


  3. Ibnkush Kush says:

    I believe the Quran was written by Muhammad but christianity and judaism is a barefaced lie

  4. DavoPlays says:

    islam is the anti christ religion. ISLAM I. STEAL. LIE. AND. MURDER. and that's what you do, but you proclaim peace. 

  5. TheZzzz1 says:

    You are late. We are alreadiy in the middle of WW3. Let's the final fireworks begin courtsey of Jewmerika and her handler Israhell the epicenter of evil!

  6. TheZzzz1 says:

    We are already in the middle of WW3. Courtesy of Jewmerika and her handler Israhell the epicenter of evil. The final fireworks is in sight. Have fun humans!

  7. World War 3 will unfortunately be unavoidable. Baha'u'llah (1817 – 1892) declared that first, the nations of the world will arm themselves with infernal engines of war, and when fully armed will attack each other like bloodthirsty beasts. As a result, there will be enormous bloodshed throughout the world. Then the wise men from all nations will gather together to investigate the cause of such bloodshed. They will come to the conclusion that prejudices were the cause, a major form being religious prejudice. They will therefore try to eliminate religion so as to eliminate prejudice. Later they will realize that man cannot live without religion. Then they will study the teachings of all religions to see which of the religions conforms to the prevailing conditions of the time. It is then that the Cause of God (The Baha’i Faith) will become universal.

  8. Samuel Hills says:

    I'm going to come back here and laugh at you all on January 2016! D;

  9. Hey why not put another 60 ads in your vid, youve already filled it, wont matter much more.

  10. HL MJ says:

    imran jeg kan lide dit ur det cool(: i mit land i gamle dage hed det molbo ur smile its sunni(((((((::::::: igen! tak for god lektion,må maile dig snart eller om lidt ses håber jeg på den anden side af bjergene hvor det regner!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smukke tanker her fra(:

  11. isacc noah says:

    i might be wrong but i think we been living in world war 3 we are in early stages since 9-11

  12. By the grace of Allah I am a knowledgeable Muslim, educated in the western and eastern institutions, well read and deeply interested in my religion. This sheikh is a gift for educated Muslims, he is spot on in his analysis of world political situation, his analysis are purely in line with our religious literature. He is absolutely correct about Pakistan which is a stooge state of America. Pakistan is the poorest example of a Muslim country; The leaders of Pakistan and the military are Washington's petty servants.

  13. Since1987 says:

    fucking hell already I suppose now September is nearly over you fear mongers have already got another date lined up so it is December now? what about when December passes us by then what you'll just keep going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going get a fucking life go outside once in a while ???

  14. Pat Walker says:

    Despite what we've been told by our parents and holy men, nobody has figured ANYTHING out about our concept of god. Go ahead and enjoy the version you may have settled for. But don't take it too seriously. Let's live our lives the best we can. It's probably the only one we'll get. Do we really want to waste it fighting over and worshiping a god someone else made up? There have been thousands; all equally baseless. And yes, including yours. Hope this helps. Have a nice day.

  15. yanbibiya says:

    I only had to listen to the first minute to realise he is a fraud. I usually like listening to doom sayers but this guy is so transparently a bit mad and a bit stupid and a huge ego that I couldn't be bothered- not even for a little light entertainment

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