New World Order and Illuminati Pt 2 lighted Documentary black


Hypocrisy series of videos of David Wilcock UFO , Earth , governments , the Illuminati and the New World Order . The aims are to share videos Informa .


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  1. i should stop using my shirt as a napkin

  2. TY for all the amazing info! Love the talks! Been following Dave W. for years now sense 2006 or 2005? AND YOU HAVE ME IN AWE MAN! I've been tellin ppl about you sense i discovered you. Do they listen NO! But ill keep smashing it in their brains till it sparks an awareness. But their are a few questions that need answered relates to The Secret of Shambhala In search of the 11th insight, which i will purpose another time on a better thread….

  3. John Charles says:

    All these leading figures in conspiracy and occult are counterfeits . It took me five years to realize this terrible truth.  Misguided individuals,  misfits and complete charlatans.  What a cosmic joke . 

  4. Eddie Cook says:

    John Charlles do you also believe that the United States military industrial complex only goes to war to defend our borders? Is that also a conspiracy theory to you? I think you R the one that is deceived and misled.

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