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  1. THIS is the One I meant to send to you! Our Wonderfull Leaders!

  2. Bubble Star says:

    WARNING! These screaming meemies are servants of Satan. Jesus has never been God. He never claimed to be nor did he teach this nonsense. Do not listen to these men, listen only to Jesus as given in God's Word the Bible. Jesus serves God as God's High Priest forever in the manner of Mechizedek. He is not God but he sits at God's right hand. He serves as our advocate. (Helper) See Hebrews 6:20….. Psalm 110:4 Does God served as a priest? NO. Jesus is our Mediator TO reach God. See 1 Timothy 2:5 Again, listen to Jesus! At John 4:21-24 …. John 17:3 …….. John 20:17 …… Revelation 5:9-10 … Rev. 3:12

  3. Bubble Star says:

    Since Jesus didn't believe in the trinity, why should you? Listen closely to what Jesus himself said at Matthew 4:21-24 ….. John 20:17 ……John 17:3 …… Revelation 3:12 …….. Listen to Jesus when he reminded the Jews of Psalms 82 "….. “Is it not written in your Law: ‘I have said you are gods’ ? If he called them gods to whom the word of God came — and the Scripture cannot be broken — then what about the One whom the Father sanctified and sent into the world? How then can you accuse Me of blasphemy for stating that I am the Son of God?…"

  4. Needed Spiritual Warfare Warriors for Jesus Christ.Good books for spiritualwarfare,Routing Demons by John Echardt.He has a video on this,on youtube.101 Weapons For Spiritual Warfare by Daniel Olukoya.Also by Daniel Olokoya 70 Rules Of Spiritual Warfare and Prayers To Destory Diseases and Infirmaties.

  5. Dave says:

    I think that if God wants you, he'll get you, no matter what bible you start out with. I started with the niv. But I wasn't looking for mans opinion of the truth.. Or to join a congregation. I was looking for the truth. I also made up my own mind what the bible said, as opposed to what the world was actually preaching. And the two were not in agreement. No where does it support, completely, any religious. I had no idea how many doctrines there were. And all of them serving man, not God. The odd thing is, the biggest opposition I encountered when quoting the scriptures was other Christians. Very seldom do any of them wish to talk about the bible. Only to quote, whatever tiny part of a verse, that defends their lifestyle, ceremonies or traditions. They get quite angry if you quote the entire passage. If you are seeking to actually listen, hear and see the God of Abraham, you are truly alone in your endeavour. Just try telling your family you will not celebrate Christmas, or Easter, or any of it. Or ask them to show you where the bible says that the seventh day has been done away with… Along with the Ten Commandments. They will hate you. And call you a SDA. I didn't even know what that was… I had never even heard of that. In the end, after several years of finding out as much as I can about all religions and their doctrines…. They are all hypocritical. According to any bible. The closest example of a bible following church is the SDA. But according to the bible… It's not a hand grenade fight… Close is not good enough for God. There is no more selfish act as chasing ones own salvation. I wish to know the truth, I wish to love and be loved by my creator… Whom I believe to be the God of the bible. My salvation is errelivant… Even though I wish it. The truth exist, weather we acknowledge it, or not.

  6. leo roys says:

    behold the Lord commeth with healing in His wings

  7. Easy solution: Buy both a KJV and a more easily understood bible, then you can either read both, or read the easy one first to first grasp the concepts and then read the KJV, or look up in the KJV (and other sources) different terms that you think is important for the context or for word definitions. Couple all of this up with hebrew language software like LOGOS and bible-faithful sermons like those of Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones or Michael Heiser, read up on false doctrines and how things are abused and perverted in the bible to keep eyes open and there you go — you have a complete set up where you can ensure that you won't learn false doctrines, while at the same time don't become "married" to a translation. Remember — there's bible reading and then there's bible studies. If you're gonna do bible studies, and you create a set up of understanding like what I just said, you won't have to worry much. The goal is to learn how to spot truth from falsehood, not "throw away all other translations" and condemn them when it's pretty evident that they contain the inspiration of God and when not even KJV is perfect. If you can learn how to learn the truth, you have done your job, regardless of translation version.

  8. waddellski says:

    the british public have had no firearms for a long time we are still alive

  9. Very good film, a unique film

  10. Leroy Mincey says:

    Anderson is a clown…He is the definition of a false prophet, that the Holy Scripture speak of. I mean this guy transforms himself as a angel of light. Dont be deceived….Just listen to one of his sermons, and you would be convinced that doesnt know Jesus. He has not the spirit of Christ…he has a very negative, bitter and prideful spirit. As soon as I saw that he was featured in this video, I immediately turned away. Very haughty spirit. Its laughable that this clown actually believe that he's called of God to preac the Gospel of Jesus. This video lost all credibility by featuring this heretic!

  11. Elam Gad says:

    I've seen this before, a couple years ago actually when it first came out. I don't know why I'm revisiting it now? For whatever it's worth when Dr James White was mentioned I felt like that was the purpose of my interest, then when that section started playing and I heard Dr White speaking a thought washed all over me "He doesn't believe the Bible is the supernatural Word of God." , "It's just a book.",,,,, Anyway for what it's worth I do believe that is why I'm here. I'm sure it's for someone else as I don't know Dr. White nor will I ever meet him.. God Bless…..

  12. David J says:

    Make sure these guys are accurate and have better integrity than some others. There used to be a group known as the Alexandrians, or "the Alexandrian cult", who were almost violent proponents of the KJV as if it were the only Bible.
    I haven't been able to check all of the Bibles, but as far as I can tell all of these verses occur in the KJV, NKJV, HCSB, NASB, ASV, YLT, and DBY versions. Which makes sense because these are all decent versions rather than paraphrases like the Good News printing or the NIV, which, contrary to popular belief is a glorified paraphrase.
    I don't know why he's calling the NKJV as a butterknife. As far as I can tell, in comparing the verses he's talking about the KJV and the NKJV are almost identical. There are only a very few real differences because of the modernization of the wording, but if you read them carefully, you will see that they say the same things in the same context.

  13. David J says:

    In Luke 2:33 he is right in that Joseph is not Jesus' father, but to be fair, under Jewish Mosaic law, when a man adopts a child that man becomes that child's father. It was a relatively new transliteration of western languages that developed the idea of a step-father or other step-relatives. Under Jewish law there were 2 states of being: Your mother's husband or your father. The difference was the concept of adoption.

  14. Wow I see a lot of ignorant people on here

  15. gmanlittle says:

    It doesn't matter which version of the Bible you read. They are all bull shit religious books that man made.

  16. Well there ya go the pervert Steven sneaking in unannounced again . Time to change the chanel.

  17. James R says:

    I am a little frustrated. I didn't watch the entire film but you should go through and explain why the King James is to be relied on. You did point out some things but I didn't the real crux of the argument.

    Please, fix it.

  18. Sam Sandilla says:

    Riplinger and Anderson & Marrs needs to start their own cul__ i mean church. they are all morons.

  19. So…. why don't these guys just put money together to make a version easier to read?

    ?"Because the King James Version died on the cross for me." ?

  20. Steven Anderson clearly shows his bias. If he would've gone back to the Greek for "I keep under my body" his argument would've been shown to be nonsense.

    15:00 He goes back to the Greek for James 5:16 "confess your faults" vs "confess your sins," because he thinks it proves his point, but he can't even be honest when he goes back to the Greek! The underlying Greek word that they mention "hamartias" 57:50 is translated by the KJV as "sin" and "sins" the majority of the time.

  21. Mark Harris says:

    Being self righteous is a worldly badge. In the discussion you had to inject the seminary college and 43 years into it. It has no bearing. Stay with the issues. Looking at the posts you just want to argue.

    Who killed Goliath?

    2nd Sam 21:19– look at the KJV than the NIV

  22. How about a discussion about Bibles translated into languages other than English or Middle English (KJV).     Are these the Word of God ?    Are they considered Holy Scriptures ?    Are they ok to read without fear of someone going to hell because it's not the KKB. ??

  23. Mark Harris says:

    Acts 8:37 is in the KJB, but is it in the NIV? Why not ?
    When You get to history of the Alexandrians than you are getting close. I will not tell you you because you need to do the research.

  24. Mark Harris says:

    Look at psalms 12: 6-7 in the KJB and than in the the NIV. Make your case they are talking about the same thing.

  25. These arguments regarding KJB vs. New Bible versions like the NIV, NASB, RSV etc. arise primarily out of an ignorance of what God's word really is.  God's word goes far beyond words on a page in a book.    All Bible translations are just that, "translations" and are to an extent imperfect.  This, however, does not negate the validity of all of them being God's word.   The Holy Spirit originally spoke in Hebrew and Greek for the largest part. We have translations of copies of those writings.    Arguments used to negate the validity of  modern translations are preposterous in light of the sordid details surrounding the King James Bible.  This can be validated through a study of the history of the KJB and King James himself as relating to the historical setting.  There exists an incredible barrage of dishonesty amongst KJB onlyists in the presentation of their argument for which there is as Dr. James White says….."…….. no meaningful basis".

  26. Mark Harris says:

    Since the early 1600s of the age of the KJB, older manuscripts was founded. Some verses are not in the NIV – You need to read the foot notes of why.

  27. Clyde Ryan says:

    thank you so much!!!!! please dont stop teaching the people!!!!!!

  28. Mike Winger says:

    Viewers beware. The sad reality is that these conspiracy theorists who masquerade as spiritual authorities are just being dishonest. Here's the constant errors I see in the King James only movement.
    1- Ignore genuine textual concerns and just assume that whatever the King James said in 1769 (they do not seem to use the 1611 version) IS the original. By assuming this they can claim that other versions removed things that the King James people actually added.
    2- Take any difference between the KJV and others and blow it out of proportion, pretending that it truly changes essential doctrine.
    3- Completely ignore the fact that the doctrines they claim are being lost in new translations are frequently taught even more strongly if only they would consider the whole translation as opposed to myopically obsessing over the wording of just one verse. See John 1:18 in the NIV.
    4- Pretend that the KJV is the original. This is what underlies all this KJ only deception. Nevermind that the translators of the KJV didn't think so. Nevermind that there is NO text in any language which predates the KJV and matches it perfectly. Think about that. The KJ translators had to use textual criticism to pick what to translate and in some places they made mistakes.
    5- Conspiratorially say that any usage of the word "new" along with "order" means that the Bible is now teaching an ungodly New World Order that modern world leaders have supposedly supported.
    6- This garbage film is so deceptive, replacing the original inspired word of God with the King James translation, engaging in distortions of reality and demonizing the word of God which is truly found in many translations today.

    Do yourself a favor and research responses to the King James Only people from James White or someone else who cares about getting an accurate picture of the whole story.

  29. benf101 says:

    My objection: The KJV is incoherent to me. You say there are a handful of "missing verses" in other translations, but I guarantee you that I would have a lot more than a handful of KJV verses that would leave me scratching my head. There is little difference between a missing verse and reading something that sounds like complete jibberish. ("Handful" is my word, not yours.) The KJV is not perfect. Acts 12:4, KJV, they use the word "Easter" rather than "Passover". Easter is a pagan holiday and not equal to Passover.

    I"m only 12 minutes into the video, so if any of that is addressed then I'll come back to edit. I am watching this to see if I can be convinced of "KJV only" thinking. I want to hear it out. I want to know the truth. Presently, the ESV and NLT speak to me, while the KJV leaves me clueless. It's nearly another language to me.

  30. TRUTH! Awaken us who sleep! His sheep will hear His voice! Amen!

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