New World Order Insider Dies After Exposing Entire Agenda


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36 Responses

  1. traida111 says:

    Cure for cancer = Avacado, Walnuts and Asparigus. Include those in diet and it will cure it. Also drink more water to flush out any toxins in the body that generated the cancer, if they are not flushed out then it can regen.

  2. Solena Allen says:

    This video makes so much sense. It's what's actually happening in the world.

  3. Hope Boman says:

    Great info but please fix your Audio as it is this way on most all of your videos. Thank you for posting.

  4. the curse of oak island is exactly that a curse they are trying to mine up what the Freemasons put there it is cursed I don't give a fuck it's also saying the Freemasons were good when America knows they are not

  5. MZ MZ says:

    People need to stick together and not put up with the elite and governments but nobody will ever do it cuz the media has everybody brain washed n focused on celebrities and staged shootings and racial issues. WAKE THE FCK UP! LMAO

  6. JV Waters says:

    I had to listen to this twice. I agree with the video, but you use digital voiceover, and it can be hard to denote what is being said, since some words sound rushed or joined together. I just recommend trying to fix this issue going forward. What is being said is definitely the truth, and as a Christian I know what I face every day of my life. Thank you for caring enough to share this video.

  7. So Sweat says:

    You white people no what's coming to America

  8. Jetina Mayes says:

    I'm seriously trying to figure out why we are being punish over an Apple. How did we get in trouble when we didn't know right from wrong. Therefore, we couldn't have known that eating the Apple from that tree was wrong. People who have actually woken up know that religions are cults..and religious people don't even know it. Religion is the biggest con job ever. If there is a God then I'm pretty sure he's nothing like the God described in the bible. I'm pretty sure he's simply just the universe. All religions were created by man. Man lies. What does that say? The bible lies because it was written by men. There are also many different versions of the bible, meaning something is really wrong with that picture. Who ever wrote these different version was able to add or omit whatever they wanted. Besides, all religions were founded meaning all religions are fairy tales. All religions also worship the Sun. All religions are based on astrology, which is apparently a form of witch craft.

  9. Neil Dickson says:

    I first listened to these with some interest, but they are becoming more and more evil in slant. I think these vids ARE the problem now, I'm unsubscribing.

  10. Freezencrash says:

    If it's evil you can count on it from these psychopaths.

  11. dont worry everyone ive been chosen to be the anti christ and i can be a decent guy.

  12. Jeff Seda says:

    Just take out the elite. How good old fashion mayhem. There 1percent we r 99percent. The war should be us against the 1 percent. N do it on the low no big production.

  13. You obviously do not know how to manipulate the robotic voice to "Smooth" run the voice to make it more realistic.
    I think that this is a load of rubbish!!

  14. you are full of #$%^ you talk about the guy making a tape of the speech and then you never play any of it. And your whole channel is called the event is coming soon and in none of your channel videos do you say what the event is. You are worse than an hour long infomercial.

  15. Riki Cooper says:

    The entire agenda is all over You tube

  16. Mike Arndt says:


  17. In the 1960s there was 3.2billion people on the planet 50 yrs later n theres 7billion doubled in 50 yrs, so logic dictates in another 50 yrs there will be 14billion then 28 billion, you see where this is going, I have to agree with the illuminati on this problem, the earth cannot sustain that amount of people, and I believe that nature will sort this problem out much more efficiently than the illuminati, I believe that the earth is conscious and will begin to look at our species for what it is, A virus, all other life on earth has an natural equilibrium that it sustains with the planet beneficial for earth and all other lifeforms, except us, So nature will find a plague that will make us extinct, It's been that way since day one, every species gets a shot and then it's on to the next.

  18. THE White Devil ENEMY!!!!! As prophesied!!!!!!!!

  19. for save your family go to:www.gatheringofchrist. org / beliefs /

  20. I'm in favour of the beloved NWO

  21. Scar Archer says:

    next you'll be saying they froze hitler to revive his theory later.

  22. RICH MUSCLE says:

    Changing the bible??? How about making it up

  23. Kipik Artist says:

    woh. a lot of mixed-up values here. does not line up as sound. yes the NWO has (had) an agenda, and it's about control but I am not sure the opposite of this little shopping list would be the answer.

  24. Robot voice doesn't make it like it's real – real fake.

  25. Keven Drew says:

    without economic freedom and sound money not one human will have sound mind self worth and maturity. from there love.empathy and forgiveness cannot exist.

  26. TPP is an essential necessary part of furthering corporate global dominion. Both Hillary, Obama, and many prominent politicians are onboard for this long planned takeover.

  27. Kyndjal says:

    why don't they use a voice mask instead of a f*cking robot reader?!it's annoying,it is inaccurate, doesn't have proper pauses,so many words come out garbled….(sigh)

  28. mindhorizon says:

    I find the comment at 4:47 particularly interesting. Is everyone watching this particular video aware of the changes that have been discovered in the Bible lately? Search "Mandela Effect Bible" here on YouTube, and you can learn all about what has happened. I'm not just talking about the new Bibles in the bookstore being altered. I'm talking about the Bibles that have been in our homes for decades. When I heard what had happened, I checked the Bibles that I received 35-45 years ago, and they are changed. I know what I am talking about. Growing up, I went to church every Sunday. Any time church was open for those in my age group, I was there. I went through my church's seminary program. Classes in religion were required where I went to college. So I am well educated in the Bible. What force could possibly led to the changing of all KJV Bibles in existence?

  29. Remember when Bush Sr. spoke of the NWO and how it would help us to live not by the laws of the jungle? Well,when the hell did we ever live that way? The only ones who are pushing this NWO are the evil ones who run this world…becuz they are the ones who will benefit from it. Us normal,hardworking people will be even more at their mercy than we are now. They go and make their little evil plots behind closed doors,in secret,,but what they fail to see is that they cannot hide from GOD. He sees into theirs hearts. So,those of us who know and trust in GOD,have nothing to fear,not even death,for it shall not hold us.We may go thru very bad times,but we are not alone.We were told about this time in the WORD,and how it must take place but that we should not fear becuz it simply means the time of HIS return is near.Satan knows he is fighting a war he will not win,his goal is to drag as many souls away from GOD as possible.The Great Falling Away.That is what is taking place right now with Christians being hated so much. If only ppl knew that a true christian does not hate those that deny GOD,instead we love and pray for them. I do not want anyone to go thru the Tribulation,but soooo many have hardened their hearts already to GOD and his love,,these are the people that will fall for the great deception that is going to come.The NWO is just the 1st stage of getting them to believe in the lies that will be told to the entire world. This has all been foretold!

  30. m8 your video's are practically unwatchable due to the ridiculous use of digitised audio. its quite laughable really and only detracts from the seriousness of the message you're trying to convey.

  31. Jacqui Knapp says:

    It's 1% of the 1% elite control freaks! They have ruled forever with blood lines!
    They love the thought of civilians all turning against each other, that plays straight into their sick game plan!

  32. 2+2=4

  33. Heidi K. says:

    I can't wait for the rapture! Please accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal Lord and Savior before it's too late!!

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