NEW Planet Get LOSES IT In excess of BITCOIN!! Here is WHY.

3 easy measures to finding commenced with Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is a enormous risk to the world wide economic method due to the fact it can not be managed. The New Planet Get enjoys to regulate every element of everyone’s daily life, specially when it will come to funds.


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  1. Avery Davis says:

    great bitcoin video, i started with only $25, real easily here:

  2. ajo was says:

    The "Problem" is not BitCoin – The Problem is NWO taking the BlockChain Technology – burning down all cash money to the value of zero and then using this new cool technology for world government.

    It will be their own BlockChain-based system… not the actual OpenSource BitCoin software everyone can run and install.

    "This is where Kimball's idea for an electronic currency comes in. However, unlike Bitcoin, which prides itself on its decentralization and anonymity, Kimball's digital currency would be centralized and widely used. He would effectively set up two different types of currencies: dollars and e-dollars."


    Mt.Gox was hacked in 2013 and BitCoins stolen… that's why the prices dropped.

  3. paulczar says:

    I don't think there's really anything the powers they be, globally, can do to stop bitcoin. They would love to put us all on THEIR digital currency so they can control us, but BTC (us) beat them to it. I don't think there's much they can do now. Buy bitcoin!

  4. I just got news of bitcoin being at a high, it's time to sell.

  5. What I am fearing: The rich NWO Rothschild Elite certainly will try to disturb the Bitcoin as much as possible. Thus I guess first they will try to buy as many Bitcoins as they can, if possible as much of it's worldwide supply as the can. I think this will happen very soon, as long as the BC is still relatively cheap. That means: it might still be affordable for them to own a great part of all BCs worldwide. They calculate: If there are lesser and lesser BCs available for all the transactions happening in the whole world's economy — what will happen? The BC will rise beyond all expectations. But if they later will throw a large amount of their BCs back at the market — what will happen then? The BC will go back down quite a certain amount.
    Sure, they have played this game for a long time and with many currencies. But until now their "adversary" only was one currency. But now they are meeting a really worldwide currency the first time, thus now their united efforts will be much more intense and severe this time. Their goal is to dominate the BC — it or to break it.
    I hope they will not kill BC this way.
    But they may cause a whole lot of trouble…

  6. GenghisDon9 says:

    Dude, I like your world view. Spot on.

  7. Surfview says:

    The Committee of 300 (the umbrella group for One World Government) aren't slamming Bitcoin, because they want it to succeed. For at least these reasons.
    1.) Bitcoin is a great positive distraction while they keep slamming precious metal paper prices until they have cornered the market on the physical precious metals – so that they have the needed metals for the IMF to issue a gold-backed SDR to replace the US dollar as the world's reserve currency – after the Ice-nine financial freeze-up occurs that James Rickards talks about in his new book ROAD TO RUIN. In that same book – on page 279, he suggests that the banksters (on behalf of The Committee of 300) will be done with their slamming paper gold and silver futures in the London Exchange while simultaneously buying the physical metals in the Shanghai Exchange. He said that would take from 2009-2016. Well, 2016 has ended. So, they may be done soon – and gold and silver may have a run-up if he's right.
    2.)They want everyone in the world using a digital currency. There are two ways to do that. A Stalin-esque Draconian way or a pleasurable way. Both are respectively shown in Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World. For the latter, Soma was used to make people happy with being under control. In the former, brutality kept them in line. So, Bitcoin is the Soma approach. India's recent measure is an example of the Stalin/Orwell punishment hardship method. The pleasure of seeing BTC rising from $700USD to $960USD in eight weeks very quickly increases the adoption rate. (The Committee of 300 are also pushing for legalized drugs throughout the world; for example, Soros (T3C member) funding marijuana legalization efforts in many states in the USA.) So, Bitcoin is perfect for easy adoption. People derive great pleasure from successful greedy actions. Going Bitcoin-digital is doing exactly that.
    3.)They want to monitor purchases for many reasons, including paying taxes and to see who's selling what to whom
    4.)They want to have the ability to do a massive worldwide bail-in. Like Cypress on steroids.

    So, The Committee of 300 (the nefarious One World Government umbrella group of world-controlling families), before they can do those items mentioned above, they first need a big digital pen for all of the commoners to enter. Bitcoin gets them in the pen – voluntarily. Like their pumping up the US equity markets since the summer of 2016, they likely are also helping to pump up Bitcoin's continuing rise. Otherwise, like we've seen with the precious metals paper future markets, they would have slammed Bitcoin throughout 2016. They haven't. And for great reasons. The one I've described herein. They greatly want to see Bitcoin succeed.

  8. Don't forget the fed raising interest rates!!

  9. fuck the new world order crooks , jail all of them

  10. Jerome Buss says:

    LoL you think you understand "the masterplan". You have no idea of what you are talking about.

  11. BITCOINMAFIA says:

    no more satanic debt slavery money we gonna kick em in the teeth

  12. It amazes me to see so many people think the elites control bitcoin. Its just lazy. Do some research people. Bitcoin cannot be controlled by anyone. The elites hate it. Great vid.

  13. bullshit. bitcoin is owned by the elites.

  14. just like the U.S. going to kill people in other countries, like the U.S are murderers and thugs as well.

  15. you're full of shit dude how can you say it's the new world order pushing immigrants? you're an immigrant in colombia. and by the way America happens to be a continent.

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