New World Order NWO Explanation How we got to United Nations 2030 Globalization New World Order


New Entire world Buy NWO Rationalization How we bought to United Nations 2030 Globalization New Entire world Buy Transforming our planet the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Enhancement NWO United Nations Earth Federation Structure United Nations Usa joins peacekeeping Drive it is truly named World Police content.htm#article10_sectionc Breaking Information Oct five 2015 Obama Administration and UN Announce “GLOBAL Police FORCE” to Fight “Extremism” IN Usa Towns – Loretta Lynch Lawyer General announced before the United Nations in collaboration with various Usa metropolitan areas, will kind a international legislation enforcement initiative named the Solid Towns Network. This is the implementation of UN guidelines and laws on US soil, bypassing Congress and circumventing the Structure

Bible Prophecy Existing Occasions in movement foremost to NWO

The Rise of a NWO coming Just one Entire world Government Conclude Instances Information Update

NWO government orders president Obama has strips just about every Usa citizen of any rights

Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks @ United Nations Usa tensions China threat Breaking Information ten-3-15

Usa OBAMA 2015 United Nations Complete Speech Breaking Information Oct five 2015

Will have to Enjoy Israel Netanyahu confronts all of United Nations Oct 2015 Breaking Information

Kerry Indications United Nations Arms Treaty versus Usa sovereignty & 2nd Modification

Agenda 21 United Nations New Entire world Buy Very last Times Information

United Nations Agenda 21 link to updated ongoing information and facts

The United Nations and the Long run of World Governance term-international-governance/p29122

Revitalizing World Governance: The Subsequent Techniques in the Method or blog posts/revitalizing-international-governance-the-following-techniques-in-the-process

Agenda 21 Obama advancements United Nations plan of international domination

Agenda 21 is a 300-page doc divided into forty chapters that have been grouped into four sections:

Part I: Social and Financial Proportions is directed toward combatting poverty, specially in building nations around the world, changing consumption patterns, marketing wellbeing, reaching a a lot more sustainable populace, and sustainable settlement in final decision earning.

Part II: Conservation and Management of Means for Enhancement Includes atmospheric safety, combating deforestation, guarding fragile environments, conservation of biological variety (biodiversity), manage of air pollution and the management of biotechnology, and radioactive wastes.

Part III: Strengthening the Function of Key Groups includes the roles of small children and youth, gals, NGOs, local authorities, business enterprise and marketplace, and staff and strengthening the purpose of indigenous peoples, their communities, and farmers.

Part IV: Implies of Implementation: implementation includes science, technological know-how transfer, education, worldwide institutions and financial mechanisms.

United Nations Agenda 21 World Dominance 300 page doc


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  1. fenton bevan says:

    Thanks for the upload & links

  2. P Des13 says:

    The NWO comes out of the Talmud .

  3. This is why families and men have lost so much, everyone should send this on to make others aware of what is happening.Treaties should never be signed before taking them to the people because they weaken a country.

  4. Great to see President Bill Clinton, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, and Madeleine Albright, especially when there has always been concern about the original G-7 countries of the United Nations as the highest security body with veto powers (e.g., US, one of these countries). UN peacekeepers have been critical, though very difficult to enter situations of war and sometimes, chaos (e.g., over running borders of nations). International bodies are increasingly representing the soon to be majority-minority in the US which substantially change power structures in the US. Julie Ann Racino, on international relations, 2016

  5. American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) has supported global governance versus global goverments in 2015-2016. This video indicates that the US is bound to the standards of the UN bodies, such as UNESCO's World Heritage sites, when a site designation is sought (e.g., Statue of Liberty, Yellowstone National Park). Important for ASPA to state its positions next to the attorneys involved in treaties and the practice of "world laws"; all laws are governed by different levels of government and courts, not simply the world court, and treaties can be written to assure sovereignity (and of course, does, because no signee can "give that away"). Julie Ann Racino

  6. Critical youtube on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the meaning of treaties and their effects on state rights and the roles of the federal government (e.g., property rights, care of children). The new UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006) was signed by President Obama (2009). The rights of parents of children with disabilities, for example to raise their own children were highlighted by the National Council on Disability. Roles of Clinton and Carter in world peace and economies are discussed (e.g., chemical weapons treaty). Julie Ann Racino

  7. dav3848 says:

    The united nations needs to be abolished.

  8. ABeyer2710 says:

    I am curious about who the American people will vote for now….in fact they have got no real choice…every candidate they are offered to choose is a NWO candidate

  9. James Heinle says:

    hot in hell like in cartoons.

  10. James Heinle says:

    world domination and we Americans…sooo late to realize it is just indeed Old Scratch…can you guess?

    they on the average are like "FOR REALZ? are you serious? Nahhhh!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????⛅☁?☎?⌛⏳??????⏰??????????????????????????????????✈??⚠???????????♻❓❌❗⭕♠
    (=AMERICAN MIND RECOGNITION GLYPH!)oh schitte eau schitterdamns!!

  11. James Heinle says:

    a clever tool for the job of evil entry by the cloak of good doings all in the name of the childs best interests…but soooo taken in vain ABSURDLY in your face for really what it turns out tp be in plain sight…LIES.

  12. James Heinle says:

    see un convention on child rights…but the reality the realities!!!

  13. Jos Boersema says:

    They ruined my country in 1953, by adding global governance articles 90 to 95 to our Constitution, to help the Americans with their NATO military control system in Europe. France eventually rejected that treaty, but the Netherlands (my country) are such a lost people that our Government never corrected that high treason to this day, which incidentally also ended the rule of law (we are a Parliamentary Autocracy.) Treaties go above our Constitution, which is treason in my view. Our people have never approved any of this, and where never properly informed; on the other hand, they don't care one way or the other, they just want to watch the evening soap and soccer. I have heard that England is also being deconstructed using the treaty trickery. We are all facing the same menace, the same subversive group.

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  15. Beerm3 says:

    vote how ya want.. but have a plan…..

  16. this is simply appalling . we have to examine EVERY candidate .. and learn about who in the world we are voting for!! THIS IS SOOOO EVIL !!!!!! TAKE NOTE DEMOCRATS. TAKE NOTE REPUBLICANS. WE the people have to stay united . not trashing each other. thats what they want!! The media doesn't tell you a thing. Thats how they want it.

  17. Gerry Amery says:

    thus carbon tax is next.

  18. Todd Milster says:

    why is it every time a want to see a video regarding the Gov, it tells me no server connection!?

  19. US sovereignty was sold out to international law quite some time ago, in many different areas , food  (BILL S510,  military( PANETTA at the Senate, " telling' Senate, they don't have to go through Congress and that the UN decides when US troops go to war' , ' GUNS' ( SePTEMBER 2013 – gun treaty was; SIGNED by US gov)the UN's entire agenda is globalization of government and religion, and has in the spiritual literature held at the spiritual center for the UN, Lucis Trust, outlined the ' entire ' Luciferian New World Order , and New World Religion agenda, THEY HIDE NOTHING while glorifying Lucifer as a misunderstood, sacrificing angel, and savior of man, they give ' step by step instructions' to the NWO,  they ' UNDERMINE' all the ' death and destruction to come' while ; trying to have people hand their souls over with a Luciferian Initiation ( the ' raising the consciousness, through opening the chakra's, the kundalini, that they admit is a Luciferic Initiation and pledge to Lucifer as God)

  20. Frank Conti says:

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, seems this was bound to happen, considering mans human ,sinful ,fallen' nature 🙁 #pray

  21. Wanda Holli says:

    Wow these people are beyond evil, they are satan spawn! It makes me sick. They will face God one day soon.

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