New World Order – One World Government Conspiracy (Documentary)


In this end of the world documentary, we are going to take you through a journey where you can learn about the history of the New World Order and the One …


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  1. This is terrifying…

  2. AHK CHINO says:

    islam will win #1uptopahk ??mop mop mop mop

  3. Matthew Harp says:

    I could watch stuff like this alllll damn day!

  4. I couldn't get enough!!! thus was a GREAT video!!!! well done!!! ???

  5. Matthew Harp says:

    I would like to know why Eisenhower part is muted.

  6. The heavenly father is on his way

  7. Don Green says:

    22:00 hmm all the writing we can't understand throughout history

  8. The iliuminati aka elite goal is period New world order everything already set the stage is set for new world order the elite have not giving the word yet they waiting for a special day and time so they can put there plan in effect every thing set and ready to go Isis aka the elite make the move I think the elite plan chess and we are the pawns

  9. Ruby BvBArmy says:

    researching is the shit! but i wanna kno more ! we're being fucked over people ?

  10. well isnt that weird all satanilluminati videos on youtube and more of that all come from anglo countries … they want to make you surrender with all these videos and their ancient egypt rome and nazi germany and ancient babylon whatever rules and turning the same table all over and over again with different colors on youtube and other by showing their power trying to remove something good and pure… its all subliminal snake stuff… they cant look you in eyes or camera without moving their eyes left or right and putting on that fake smile because they are pure liars and are ashamed of themselves 🙂 we are poison to them snakes that is the reason why they hate us and want to remove us with all their forces ! orthodox christianity brothers will come back again… russian serbian greek and much more ! remember 1999 and all the wars and armies that went trough the heart of the Balcan to destroy our history and libraries along with churches … you wish you had history

  11. Ty Madd says:

    Liberal voters are supporters of the NWO

  12. the lie is thee lower power illuminati handicapped pussy demon
    unconscious soul caster’s all human’s thinking ‘their important’ with job’s
    expecting a higher power is their reality as biggest loser’s in sitting as
    master’s expecting matter


    the truth is a higher power the government a retarded man an
    angel conscious caster blaster moondust caster an alien instincting ‘i’m
    anything thee only thing mattering and energying’ working is surprising the
    lower power my reality is imagination FLAWLESS VICTORY OUT-STANDING PUPPET

  13. A Belt says:

    lol at the CNN live clip

  14. brad angy says:

    Here are a few tips that will empower you and weaken the powers that be.

    – your TV is a propaganda machine, turn it off
    – grow your own food
    – support farmers and buy your food at the market directly from producer
    This is not only healthier but supports your local economy VS global corporations

    – take your money out of the bank – use cash instead of credit cards
    – look into crowdfunding or p2p platforms if your require a loan
    – buy gold and silver
    – be your own bank, cryptocurrencies ( these new digital currencies are not controlled by central bank, companies or government.They are created by the people for the people.There are hundreds of them
    you are free to chose whichever you want unlike fiat.

    – use credit unions instead of banks ( if you really have to )
    – research and use natural healing substances ( the web is a great source of info)
    – do not heavily rely on traditional medecine to cure yourself, look into alternative medecine
    cheaper and in most cases more effective.

    – pay the least amount of taxes to your government ( within legality of course), your tax money is used to fund war as well as these projects so think twice before you buy a product or use a service that is highly taxable
    ( some websites offer option to pay your taxes with crypto money so if you want to live solely on independant currencies it is possible )
    – time is money, it's actually the purest form of money i think so do not hesitate to offer services for time and vice versa
    check out
    – buy and use products and services that support small and local entreprise

    Basically you have to be a more responsible person, support the sharing economy and be as independent from the state as possible.

    The less reliant to the government the more powerfull as an individual you are

    If everyone on the planet would follow these simple steps NWO would be no more.

    "Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” – Gandhi

  15. people ! we have fight the evil NWO masonic elites together in every way we can ! , even I myself am trying to fight them by at least warning people about the NWO. I'm still a teenager but I'm more mature then a lot of men and I know more then lots of people about NWO , and I have plans to fight the NWO when I grow up by making my own fortified farm that has crops and animals , and I want to teach my future kids survival skills and combat , and I want to fight physicaly. and I wanted to say that you can mock my words but America will fall the people will be slaughtered and will be led to fema camps , and after America falls then Israel will become the new power and centre of this planet and Israel will spread geographicaly and the Jews (zionests) will rule the world and their ruler will be the antichrist , time will tell and god knows best .

    and in the upcoming hard days all of us should teach our children to be independent and teach them how to make weapons to defend their selves. and my god protect the believers who pray to him and ask him for protection

  16. Tim p says:

    take your new world order and stick it where the sun dont shine.

  17. why don't all of you that don't believe read the Bible it's all in their I'm sick of talking to all who has so much negative feedback they are just telling what is going to happen read the Bible you spiritually drunk ones…. and how can you talk down these truths when you yourselves have not done any research because if you did you would not sound like such fools……… LIKE I SAID YOU SPIRITUALLY DRUNK ONES…….. LIKE THE BLIND LEADING THE DEAD WAKE UP

  18. Naf A says:

    if this world government controll the world give freedom to all religions be fair. then why not. we wont have wars. world will be better. i support one world government only if it good.

  19. The American People will kill everybody associate with the one world fags

  20. Greek Dude says:


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