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36 Responses

  1. satanic illuminati fallen angel world…world war 3…

  2. glenn beck charlatan!!!!!!!!!

  3. THE White Devil ENEMY – as prophesied and not a secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gramma Bear says:

    I used to feel very impotent when faced with all the wicked ways of this world. It made me very tense. One day, I started watching some of the different sermons on youtube. I ended up asking Jesus into my heart, and stopped focusing on the worldly insanity. God really put things in perspective.
    Jesus is returning to take his children off this wicked planet and then he is going to pour out his wrath for 7 years. It's going to be beyond awful here. Not just the US either. Everywhere. If you want to get off the target, there is only ONE WAY. Ask Jesus into your heart, repent your sins, and stop worshiping idols. But you pray to nothing you say? Nope, not true. What little box do you settle in front of each night with excited anticipation? What can you hold in your hand, that RULES you? It chirps, you spring into action! That is worship. And Jesus has said to one of the prophets that he "will not suffer it".

    These are some good people to check out right here: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, husky349xp, andy woods, Amanda saved by Grace, Divine Appointment.
    I recommend that you get saved FIRST. You honestly don't have a lot of time left to choose before you are simply stuck here. Then, start working on saving your adult family members and friends. Children ARE saved. Yes, they are also leaving with us.
    The situation is THAT serious.

    Before you get all excited to respond with some negative, know-it-all trash talk, just know that it won't change what is about to happen.

  5. L Mamanoni says:

    Mk bluebeam…red black ah yeah in the face programming…beware false annointing people that's Diablo in da "flesh"

  6. White people are THE children of SATAN drunken with the blood of THE Muslim SAINTS and alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll humans on the earth – as
    prophesied!! White people are THE ENEMY of humans and God – as

  7. Hu Axia says:

    The truth about this, and what the National Socialist were working for: www exposing communism com , www 666blacksun net

  8. alex garcia says:

    U could tell how she worships

  9. mOnK27640 says:

    that seems like a nazi kind of idea the tattoo thing and fuckin jews ruling the world are you serious!.. am I the only one like fuckin seeing this

  10. Ashley Leon says:

    Fuck the Government and the Music industry hate them both and the news/media

  11. New world order sucks yay

  12. This two idiots I must see?! Yeah right! they are so informative, I am feeling enlightened now! because they woke me up from my delusional dream.

  13. John Martir says:

    Update the year in the title. Don't you know how to recycle a video on YouTube

  14. DO NOT GET AN ELECTRONIC TATTOO!!! first i've heard of these things. It seems like a way to put chips in people to me!

  15. just have been saying from centuries that we need to put our senses in order,but most times publicly people find my words alien.What is to be done has to be done to make sure the world is tamed! If you take a look at people generally they are myopic in thought,and the next thing you see is furiousity among themselves for no apparent reason. Is that what you call a normal way of life?People are pathing without direction,thia is insane! That is why the PLANET is fed up with rhe whole situation and its taken it toll on US! I need a bit of fresh AIR, PLEASE!

  16. the abomination of desolation happened on the eve of a super blood moon in Philly……..whatvyou believevis yours to decide???????

  17. Mike Hughes says:

    2014 came and went!!!! I am half a century old ,- so take it from me ,- nothing of such kind , the end of the world, is not going to take place.
    I can't believe people who are still addicted to these fantasies of the end of the world.
    They have no idea that they are spreading more fear than the so-called ''illuminati , ''shadow government'' , and all the rest all put together.!!!!

  18. Jackie Ollij says:

    Just starting the last half of 2015, nothing happened, ASSHOLES!

  19. Tom Adams says:

    Hey ,  it's April 3rd 2015    .LMAO .   NOTHING HAPPENED …GO FIGURE !!!!!

  20. @ 3:44, the humanoid/reptoid seemingly female in black promoting implantable chips: "I want…  power… my hands are like alligator clips…blah blah" even gets an applause from the insanely dumphuqued audience… demonstrating that hope for a better world of tomorrow is nearly futile.

  21. vicachcoup says:

    'Tasers for all front-line officers' – Police Federation
    All front-line police in England and Wales should be offered Tasers in light of the increased terrorism threat, the head of the Police Federation says.
    BBC 31.1.2015

  22. When she said this crap about how people would be interested in wearing that tattoo, I thought: "Right, and the jews back then in the concentration camps must have thought theirs must be as cool as hell …"

  23. Lord protect us. Electronics in our bodies? Is that Bitch phuckin nuts as well as ld and ugly?   

  24. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is saying the economy is going to collapse, but not that the Jewish bankers are doing it. They act like it is just occurring on it's own. Hitler would say this was all planned like 911 and the wars and it's the Jewish bankers doing it and everyone would say oh yes. The damn Jews.This doesn't happen on it's own people. 

  25. XanArt21 says:

    3:43 what a psycho lady! YOU WANT THIS!

    No I don't lunatic!

  26. Why is this called the new world order? Other than the new technology that can make it truly global this is just the same conquest for empire and gathering of slaves that has slowed the progress of mankind hundreds of times over thousands of years. The new world order has already been created and up until now has been very successful. It was a new concept being tried by people who didn't want to be a part of the imperial food chain , at the bottom OR the top. It was called Democracy, it was "By the people , for the people" and was implemented in 1776. Perhaps this "new world order" needs a name change to more accurately describe it. My vote is for DIGITAL DARK AGE. as it will probably get that name in history after the majority of people , tired of being slaves —END IT!!    

  27. ep ten says:

    what you have said in 2013 is obviously not happening now

  28. Mia Raphiel says:

    Open your eyes people…don't let they eye control the mind…may God be with us all..?

  29. This world is coming to a end

  30. Miz Ozark says:

    my God that woman is the most hideous fugging psycho-bitch Beast I have ever seen! ON the one hand I'm glad to see it's idiots like that who would agree to be chipped as such a stupid clone does not deserve freedom, but on the other hand the people who did that to her and would do it to others are Vile and Evil and the Earth needs to spit them out for good and never let them come back.
    My God what a fuggin IDIOT STUPID EVIL WOMAN! Was she even human?? If so get her spayed immediatedly!

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