New World Order Plans: why 99% of the population is poor.


God Bless

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You have to have to know how to escape the Illuminati Just one Earth Authorities and their plot to eliminate you if you are a dissenter!

IS PRESIDENT OBAMA BRINGING SHARIA Regulation TO The usa wherever the US Federal Authorities is of the loaded, by the loaded and for the loaded? The day of their reckoning is coming shortly, if they do not repent of their evil strategies. James five:1, 2, 3, 4, 6, seven, eight

It is no smaller process to convey in the New Earth Purchase, but they (the Illuminati) have experienced a couple hundred decades (Satan has experienced hundreds) to excellent their designs and their longing for this sort of, and have in the last couple of hundred decades fomented all major wars and uprisings to achieve their conclude recreation, which is environment domination by a despot ruler they will put in location to subject matter mankind to him.

The dark forces and establishments aiming for this have been recorded all through historical past. Most of the secret organizations this sort of as the Rosicrucian’s, Masons, and so forth. have all put their assets powering carrying out this for their master Lucifer (Satan to Christians) and are on the brink of at last bringing it in.

The only types in their way of environment domination are the citizens of The usa (at any time due to the fact the Innovative War) who like America’s sovereignty and their guns. Consider their guns and you consider them out of the way, and the relaxation will be historical past. Most People in america are unaware with Satan’s and his minions targets, for the reason that they are far too busy making the most of his environment and the points in it, all the when rejecting God’s commandments and His Son!

The last piece of their bloody attempt to build a just one environment purchase (and they will do well as it is prophesied in the Bible) is a 3rd environment war. Earth War III is coming, as perfectly as the Law enforcement State in The usa as perfectly as their ongoing enhancements in their surveillance on People in america and other individuals, and you finest be well prepared now. (Jan. sixteen, 2014 N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Desktops)

1776 “From the Jesuit University of Ingolstadt is reported to have issued the sect identified as ‘the Illuminati of Bavaria’ launched by Adam Weishaupt. Its nominal founder, however, would seem to have played a subordinate nevertheless conspicuous function in the corporation of this sect.” [Occult Theocracy, Lady Queenborough, at first posted in 1933] On May possibly 1, 1776, the Purchase of the Illuminati was officially launched in the previous Jesuit stronghold of Bavaria. The Corporation would now use the Jewish House of Rothschild to finance the French Revolution and the increase of Napoleon the Freemason with his Jesuit-trained advisor, Abbe Sieyes. In spite of the historic writings of the Jesuit Abbe Barruel, who blamed the Rothschild’s and Freemasonry for the Revolution, it was the Culture of Jesus that applied these quite resources to have out the Revolution and punish the monarchs who dared to expel the Jesuits from their dominions. The Jesuits, possessing been expelled from the Spanish Empire, uncovered refuge in Corsica. From there they lifted up their good avenger, Napoleon Bonaparte. The Black Pope “from United States Presidents and The Illuminati / Masonic Electricity Construction. By: Robert Howard

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48 Responses

  1. Lima Lima says:

    What the??? Fun video. Be careful about bullshit.

  2. RUSUK-TT says:

    I may have sent this before, Check out a video called "official one
    world trade center time-lapse 2004-2013". This video will show the red
    and blue which are the two colors for the pillars of freemasonry. You
    will see the building is framed in red and skinned in blue. Also note
    the cranes on the top, at the very end of the construction one crane is
    change out so you have one red and one blue crane. Also note a video
    called "Bill gates ALS ice bucket challenge" again notice the red and
    blue and also the Pyramid shape next to him. The red and blue are
    important to the world government

  3. Most of the population has no gold, we traded it with all the garbage we can buy with their flat worthless paper

  4. old fart says:

    did none of you catch when carry said "I'll ooh min nutty"

  5. they hate Islam I don't supraised

  6. Cgamer93 says:

    It already the 2016 but nothing's happing

  7. capt. Sam Walton ran a pow camp in ww two, Walmart has been a military op since day one . connection to dhs.

  8. two weeks later Carey's gf was dead.

  9. illumatti been dewing bad stuff since the country started. only thang is that peoples didnt no that it wwas happening bak in the day and today we got mo infomation 2 tel us bout it. trump and clinton r both in on the problems goin on write now.

  10. Oh please, ridiculous. Stupid conspiracy, illuminati, New World Order! Jim Carey is a comedian, not a member of iluminati. There's too much focus on this crap.

  11. Slade Herb says:

    am i supposed to feel some sort of sympathy for a kid who cut off the orange identifying barrel end off then strutted around the park as if it is a game in front of cops? fuck that! hopefully that causes others to think twice.

  12. its a tetrad..feminine within the masculine

  13. Zim scard uh please no way im scard I'm going to die I'm so dead

  14. Might be somewhat believable, to some if you didn't use that joke
    of a supposes news channel FOX Cable News…DUH!?! What a
    piece of shit video!



  17. Reggie Khan says:

    wake up ppl don't be ignorant..with Islam in your hearts none of this will effect you…

  18. Cops must be so fearful. If your job has changed you in to a frightened pussy, it's time to quit!

  19. Max Rookie says:

    What's the theme music called?

  20. People simply put your saving in phisical silver and gold bullion, it is
    the only true money. We have been smartly manipulated to give it up
    within last 50 years. Do not buy SH** (new cars, iphones, tv's, imacs
    etc) eat healthy and go to sleep early. Oh……and DO NOT PAY TAXES, if
    you pay taxes you are looser and government will spend your money to
    pay the elite anyway.
    We each one take care of ourself and things will be taken care of automatically.
    Peace out loosers……. I mean taxpayers : )

  21. sammy rivera says:

    The wicked will burn in the fire for millions and millions of years

  22. It's already 2016 uh oh

  23. I thought we were a country that devides church and state. If are kids can't pray or learn Christianity they sure the hell shouldn't be taught Islam!!!

  24. I thought we were a country that devides church and state. If are kids can't pray or learn Christianity they sure the hell shouldn't be taught Islam!!!

  25. I'm sorry but this country has been led astray,no Christianity but islam. Frankly I think parents should take there kids out of school all around the U.S.. and refuse to send them back until they change these ideas

  26. Boris B says:

    ps: Wake up-dude: You forgot to disable the comment-section.

  27. Boris B says:

    The BIGGEST scam in all of human history is this: getting people to believe in a vengeful, jealous god (who also loves us dearly, right?), and this illuminati-crap, of people supposedly under the influence of god's evil adversary is all part of that. There is no (proof of a) God, or Satan, folks! That is the scam, right there: make you believe in a book that orders you to: obey and respect your government (cause god supposedly "installed them in that position" (something fundi-christian rednecks conveniently seem to skip when reading that book) and that you must accept your fate, no matter how bad, and not try and improve or rebel against it, cause god himself picked your fate out for you, and will reward you (of course after you've died)for doing so. Pretty obvious why all that stuff is in that holy bible (to turn you into obedient sheep). Obvious to all but the god-believers themselves, of course. (and that's just sad. Making a video like this, to then come up with: "the book of revelations says…", is sad, and scarily ignorant!

  28. american people are dumb

  29. Jesse Turner says:

    literally a joke . you religious zombie robot half wit

  30. Wise Frog says:

    The End is near
    Hell is a place for eternal torment
    i think isis is doing the right thing
    America is a stupid country

  31. if you play the game you lose. choosing any religion is playing the game. all religion is derived from pegan cultism and a form of submission. any angel, devil, or messiah, is just a representation of a planet or star. we are being controled by the cult of all cults. the capstone of the pyramid of all pyramids.

  32. he was being sarcastic. im sure he said to a friend before the show.. "watch how many people call me illuminati after i make this joke".. it was the point of the joke itself.

  33. B says:

    quick look at hashtags, reveals just how much nonsense this is.

  34. aredd14ya says:

    5:20 This is what we see a lot of in Ohio. Military choppers flying in formation somewhere. Heavy military trucks driving right down the middle of downtown columbus ohio in 2007 – till present time.

  35. Iris ortiz says:

    Obama slashing damm. Bush was worse.make up your minds you want Religions in government than they can bring Satanist then.Religion should stay in homes or Churches!!just like they didn't teach us about the Indigenous people I guess since they acknowledge Mother Nature!!!

  36. The68VeeDub says:

    Boo hoo get over it Christianity isn't the only religion in the world. When you take world religion you learn about Islam and how it is similar to Christianity. Then you learn that they to have one true God is Allah. Which is God. Stop being small minded.

  37. The68VeeDub says:

    OMG military vehicles on public streets. It's everyday in Winston Salem NC. Most of them are just traveling to military bases and since they use fuel they have to fill them up. Stop with this stupid illuminati shit.

  38. Imran Duran says:

    fuck u this full of crap.whatever it is just follow your religious.this illuminati is just in the world not in the afterdeath

  39. maxtipex says:

    2016… 2016… are years that everyone is talking about 2016, but when it finally collapses the dollar ?

  40. yall need to leave my father Satan out of this!!!!!! just because he wants to rule the world and eat human brains while enslaving souls, doesn't make him bad!!!!!! so leave him alone!!!!!!

  41. this is their new world order plan…to keep you under control…chemtrails, Mk ultra, project blue beam…RESEARCH!!!!!

  42. Americans or so damn naïve… do your research lazy fucks!!! Search Donald Marshall interview.. rapper B.o.B..Nicki minaj ..speaking of the cloning centers, vril, etc have been deceived …

  43. look at these comments. ignorance isn't a strong enough word to describe what religion is doing to the world. these people are literally INSANELY stupid. I don't use the word "literally" lightly either. Its 2016 and people still believe this stuff. This is sad.

  44. First Last says:

    Jim is a cloned lizard

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