NEW WORLD ORDER & THE GODFATHER, Federal Reserve Documentary


Reupload: The audio at the end of my previous upload was ruined somehow. Please re-like and re-share this basic information that is still completely necessary.


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  1. Bubbles B62 says:

    there is french journalist very interresting to know and also to read about this subject!!!! Pierre Jovanovitch !!!
    He wrots 666 & 777 books!!!!

  2. Bubbles B62 says:

    by the way, excellent video again bro!! ;-)

  3. Joe Gardens says:

    New World Order

  4. will G says:

    who knows if JFK even died that day these hoaxes and agendas run deep

  5. riots and chaos…… no food water and nothing. NWO basically a chain in our neck. this is frightening.

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