New York JFK Airport | Terminal 1 and tour aboard the AirTrain


A visit to Terminal 1 at John F. Kennedy Airport and a tour aboard the AirTrain, that makes a loop around the entire airport – triggering memories of my first time at …


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  1. adrienmaxime says:

    Thanx you ! Its unfortunately that there arent more spotting photos

  2. Great video editing Mr. Speilmann!!! The Air France terminal looks unchanged since I was there in 2008 on my way to CDG in Paris!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Edwin Mark says:

    OK….So is NAIA T1 based off this Airport?

  4. Thank you for a tour of my home airport. Whenever I am there, time is never on my side. ??

  5. Alex Kelley says:

    The reason why they demolished the Pan Am WorldPort because of the expansion of Terminal 4

  6. Alex Kelley says:

    Also did you know: Terminal 1 used to be the Eastern Air Lines terminal?

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