New York McDonald’s Manager Buys Food for Firefighters; Terminated the Following Day

Kevin Fobbs

Kindness and consideration is something to be admired especially when helping firefighters who have spent hours in subzero weather battling a local fire.  So when McDonald’s Manager Heather Levia saw a way to help them by donating food and paying for it out of her own pocket for them, being fired never occurred to her.  But that is exactly what followed for the New York former manager at an Olean, NY t McDonalds, according to Fox 44.

New York McDonald’s Manager Buys Food for Firefighters; Terminated the Following Day

Total disbelief is one of the motions that had to have come across the young woman’s face when her immediate bosses at the fast food restaurant sent her packing for her kind gesture.  All she did was take their order of 25 breakfast sandwiches and hash browns, and then promptly took $83 out and pay for their order herself.

This selfless act was not welcomed by management and instead she was treated with utter contempt and even claimed that that was not the policy of the restaurant or of the corporation.  This of course seemed a bit odd to Levia, since, “she claims they regularly give free meals to police officers who stop by, reported Fox 44.

The seemingly anti-community minded restaurant was not concerned about putting their best foot forward and instead when the 8-year McDonald’s employee Levia showed up for her next shift the following day, she was fired.

So the former manager was on the outside for doing a favor which the hard-nosed apparent cold hearts at the McDonald’s restaurant could not capture.  The company’s corporate theme is “Bah da buh buh bah! I’m loving it!”  It should now be more like “Bah Humbug  da buh buh bah!  You’re fired!”

Ms. Levia does not regret her acts of kindness and is insistent that it matters to show respect and support for those who protect and serve the community.  “I wish the communities would change and help each other out. If losing my job is going to speak out to the community, then that’s what it’s going to do,” Reported Fox 44.

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  1. ajweishar says:

    What was the reason for firing Ms. Levia? The owners of this McDonalds and other fast food chains have a habit of knee jerk disciplinary reactions that end up giving them bad press. This one, termination for helping firefighters working in sub freezing temps, has to be one of the worst examples of poor management.

    Are regular citizens going to be banned from McDonalds for buying a round of coffee for public servants working outdoors. Will McDonalds be asking us where we’re taking those 8 or 12 coffees?

  2. 5WarVeteran says:

    I will NEVER go to McDonalds EVER again.

  3. charlesallan says:

    Everyone should boycott McDonalds’s until they reinstate and apologise and raise her salary
    – I will never go near this restaurant chain.

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