New York Times Caught Publishing CIA Propaganda On Norway Attacks

Pakalert July 27, 2011 15

An American investigative journalist uncovers how the New York Times tried to link the Norway attack to a Muslim group that doesn’t exist and then how it quietly pulled the story later from its online edition, without offering an apology. Alexander Higgins, also uncovers how two other news outlets, one American and the other British, continued to demonize Muslims hours after a Christian extremist was arrested.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—In the first few hours after a Christian terrorist killed tens of Norwegians, the New York Times published a report claiming an unknown Muslim group, Ansar al-Jihad al-Aalami [Supporters of Global Jihad] has claimed responsibility for the attack.


Within a couple of hours of the attack, an online report warned that CIA and its broadsheets in the US media will exploit the attack to garner European support for the failing Afghan war.

This is exactly what many CIA-affiliated websites and ‘translation companies’ have been doing for the past decade, translating claims of responsibility after every terrorist attack anywhere in the world.

As expected, the New York Times published this claim quoting an unknown American analyst who said he saw the claim of responsibility on a website in Arabic and that he translated it into English.

The truth is that an ordinary discussion forum in Arabic, like millions of similar online forums, published what appears to be a celebratory note on the Norway attack arguing the attack was punishment for all the wrong done in Libya and Afghanistan, the two wars where Norway is a participant by default because of its NATO membership.

But nowhere in the Arabic was text there a claim of responsibility. Also, the person who posted the text in Arabic used a fake name.

So a claim by an unknown group that no one heard of, using a fake profile on a discussion forum? Any real journalist would ignore it.

But not the New York Times, which is famous for publishing absolute lies drafted by the CIA. The paper spent the whole of 2002 publishing sophisticated ‘news reports’ about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction complete with expert illustrations of alleged Iraqi weapons. One of NYT’s top reporters, Judith Miller, was discredited because she ran CIA-planted storiesunder her byline and went to jail in another case of harassment of a US diplomat and his wife who exposed US government lies on Iraq.

 UK’s The Sun knew it was al-Qaeda before anyone else!


The credibility of the mainstream US media and its links to US government and the CIA is an open secret. The Pakistani military has accused the New York Times of running a ‘slander campaign’ against Pakistan, its military and its spy agency at CIA’s behest.

Even the Norwegian media was cautious when the NYT came up with this claim of responsibility. Norway TV did its own translation of the text and discovered there was no explicit claim of responsibility for the attack.

The investigative work that reveals NYT’s professional dishonesty was done by Alexander Higgins, and published on his blog under the telling title, Corporate Media Runs False CIA Story Stating Muslim Group Claimed Responsibility For Oslo  .

Here we reproduce images from Mr. Higgins blog along with their original captions that tell the full story.

[CLICK HERE to see how Fox News misled American viewers. Some parts of the US media were desperate to implicate Muslims. Pro-war lobbies want any excuse to continue a policy of deception and wars.]


CIA Runs B.S. Story That Muslim Group Claimed Responsibility For Oslo Bombings – Highlighted. Text & image courtesy of Alexander Higgins’ blog. [CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE]


Mr. Higgins makes several interesting observations in his report.

The first is that Norway is a Muslim-friendly country that has not followed the American policy of harassing its Muslim community. It is also a supporter of Palestinian rights and an independent Palestinian state. The Norwegian government has also formally apologized for a couple of local newspapers that reprinted cartoons offensive to Muslims. So unlike the propaganda in American media, Muslims have little reason to attack Norway.

The second important observation is that while the American media continues to emphasize that the Christian extremist is anti-Islam, more important is the fact that he is pro-Israel and a big admirer of anti-Islam writers and bloggers in the US.

This last point is very critical because it confirms our longstanding argument that the United States government and in particular its main intelligence service the CIA are promoting anti-Muslim feelings inside the US and worldwide to continue their interventions in other countries in the name of war on terror.

The anti-Pakistan propaganda worldwide is also the work of CIA and other elements of the US government. They have been using the same twisted methods of demonizing Pakistan that have come to the surface now after the Norway attacks.


Jihadica, one of many websites suspected of links to CIA that have sprung up to scare the Americans of Islam
and secure their support for endless wars in the Middle East. Photo courtesy of Alexander Higgins’ blog

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  1. Masterx September 11, 2011 at 1:56 am - Reply

    There is nothing Christian in this event ! Satanic probably !

  2. Farooq September 2, 2011 at 3:39 am - Reply

    Why people are wasting their time and energy in finding the reasons for the massacre in Norway, bombing in Pakistan, deaths (of civilians) in Palestine and Indian occupied Kashmir. It is open secret. The government of U.S.A. is behind all this.

  3. I Am SO stupid August 13, 2011 at 12:14 am - Reply

    You ARE Dangerously Stupid Breivik is NO christian ->insinuating White …BÙT JEWISH …ÀS His mentor christopher polak who raised Him to Be a Monster IS …ÀS president stoltenberg IS ….Ás His Facebóókprofile wás deleted AFTER His ARREST …ÀS His FALSE facebóókprofile became publiced AFTER his ARRÈST!

    SO facebook zuckerman ….. SO zuckerman -> israel who asked zuckerman in the wééks BEFOR the attacks to wipe All Christian Accounts As they asked and google did wipe about TÉN MILLION Christian Accounts As Twitter was etnically cleaned As paypal is abused as etnic Terrorweapon of israel!

    White Native Populations Natives are kept Defenceless by chronic False accusations threats isolations censurings And Stateterrorisms by jews from within Own Governments!

  4. Martin August 7, 2011 at 8:50 am - Reply

    Jerusalem post calls the killer a “far right zionist”. There is nothing christian about that.

  5. The seeker July 30, 2011 at 3:28 am - Reply

    This sort of thing is not a one-off, and has been going on with ALL our mass media since the Cold War days. Look up “Project Mockingbird” or “Operation Mockingbird” on Scroogle.

  6. Lucky Saint Luis July 28, 2011 at 9:25 pm - Reply

    The NEW YORK TIMES to understand is enough you go back and read deep past issues. A lot of press is very sofisticated by reporting and commenting even oposite events, opinions and moods. Well they got to do it, if not oposite political parties would burn them down as it happened in old times.
    Here are a couple of findings. End 1920 until beg 1933. Find out how local NY bankers of jewish origin heated up hate and lies against Germany. Find out how they pushed Churchill and Stalin (all of the west world was fascist) to make war against Germany even by knowing that 528.000 Germans of jewish belief have been living there. (Zionists kill their own light jews since all times). Okay all this to be find in the NYT.
    Now seek for the last 2 scandals re jews only: 1. More than 3000 jews are caught by fiscal attorney while claiming repairing money to Germany in 2010. Most of them was born after the war was over long ago. 2. Jewish group in Washington DC caught while paying 250 million USD to media in order to silence the truth re Palestina.
    Any media not largely reporting and discussing on this is media bought and controlled by this power group in the back of US gov and corporations. Granted. Those are not true US americans.
    Point here is not to start a war aginst inocennt jews but to reveal the truth as it is and as it was and how much dirt beside ink is involved.
    Contrary to the issue ask yourself why Bush isnt brought for massmurder crime to Den Haag yet. Ask what happens to the maening of the US constitution

  7. Lucky Saint Luis July 28, 2011 at 9:01 pm - Reply

    keep track of this because there was also the CNN and other big media doing the same again in the name of US-RAEL mainstream constructors. WE GOT TO denounce this misreable attitude since the days of Churchill before WW II. Today EVERYBODY can help and deliver info here, than we got to initiate legal action

  8. TheAZCowBoy July 28, 2011 at 2:21 pm - Reply

    Yup, leave it up to the ‘Jew York Times’ to put in their ‘bit of venom’ when it comes to the Muslims.With ‘piles’ of Jews on the payroll – many of them ex-IDF killers with Palestinian blood on their hands – their Jerusalem editor Bonnar or whatever, writing his venomous reports on the Arabs from Jerusalem as his son ‘kills Palestinians as a member of one of the IDF genociders brigade’ These rats haven’t any idea what a journalist is defined or how he deveopes the facts and write his story – based on the facts and not whatever serves that 1/2 acre of Zionist hell – best.

    They write to serve their 7m Jewish ‘captive audience’ in Jew Yory City and everything else is 2ndary in importance. Regular mirrior images of Murdoch, another pro-Israel reich wing nut.

    Tonbstone, AZ.

    • Lucky Saint Luis July 28, 2011 at 9:04 pm - Reply

      yeah youre right but dont generalize like all US amercian are not dump flesh fat idiots but only a 80%. Stay always fair with the good ones, so the jews are suffering by a brutal and fanatic inside control circle self described as Zion and are not bad people all of them.

  9. marcos anthony toledo July 28, 2011 at 9:23 am - Reply

    Well it not surprising since the NYT along with most Anglo-American media are trying to keep their strangle hold over world even as power slips from their incompetent corrupt hands into the equally incompetent corrupt hands of their co-conspirators the Arab elites who both serve their psychopathic master who goes by the alias El,Elohim,Yahveh,Allah into whose hands both groups intend hand over this solar system lock stock and barrel. Happy dreams everyone.

  10. Karmen Nava July 27, 2011 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    Just as there is anti-Muslim propaganda there is also a “right wing Christian extremists” propaganda. There are very few right-wing “Christian” extremist organizations and if there are a few loners, they have no backing from any major country. Christian values and teachings by the founder, Jesus the Messiah are completely against any violence. So anyone that portrays this lone shooter as a pro-Israel Christian activist is also distorting and promoting anti-Christian sentiment.

    In reality Evangelical Christians are being targeted and murdered throughout the world without any interest and eyewitness reporting from any major mainstream media. In many countries including Colombia, the paramilitaries are attacking Evangelical Christian communities. Even in Juarez, Mexico a large group of men were murdered while praying in a Christian Outreach that rehabilitates former drug addicts.

    You almost have to subscribe to Martyrs for Christ to read what is really happening in the Christian Community worldwide. Most everyone who is educated in contemporary news knows that we are in the Aquarius age and Christianity which was considered the Pisces age has to be vomited out of the earth, as if the earth was expelling putrid matter. True Christians are being demonized at this point and real disciples have no hatred for those of the Muslim faith. Unfortunately those who hold prominent´positions in Christian leadership may not even be real Christians, but infiltrators who are part of the Anti-Christian agenda. Incidentally even this is prophesied in the Scriptures..

  11. DDearborn July 27, 2011 at 9:06 pm - Reply


    Looks to me like this article is another attempt at deflecting the truth. The NY Times doesn’t work for the CIA. The NY TIMES has ALWAYS worked for the Mossad and Israel. The Times and Israel at this point are desperately trying to get the world to look at anybody but them in Norway. Means motive opportunity-Israel had them all and Israel is the direct beneficiary of these attacks. Why didn’t the Time print that the teens murdered had just completed a Pro Palestinian State Rally the day before. And these same teens parents are the movers and shakers in Norway that are leading the way to Palestinian Statehood. And these parents are the ones demanding that Israel be held to international law for its crimies against humanity in general and the Genocide of the Palestinian people in particular. Why did the Times refuse to print that the guy arrested was a devote zionist and hated Muslims. Why didn’t the Times report that multiple people have been arrested. Why didn’t the Times report that it would have been impossible for one man to have killed all 90+ people. Many of whom received follow up gunshots to the head by a different weapon? Clearly this was an Israeli false flag op. Israeli terrorists most likely used submersibles launched from one of
    their Subs. The Times should be relegated to the rag heap. At this point it has lost all credibility.

  12. Abaddon July 27, 2011 at 8:03 pm - Reply

    The TOWER OF BABEL is global. Confusion, denial, red herrings, deceit, cover ups, false flags, disinfo, misinfo, and blatant lies are the daily menu of the main stream media on bahalf of their ruling global mafia masters. With such a world wide corrupt mentality is it any surprise that everything is disintergrating? That corruption is so prevalent it is expected and looked upon as “normal” and the “world leaders” are blatant and shameless in their propagating their politically outrageous behaviour as though it was a badge of honour. Most people have become conditioned to this radioactive political spin to the point that the majority are now so contaminated with the same mentality that they cannot tell the difference between the truth or the lie. This is why society is so sick and heading for disaster.

    • ayub August 2, 2011 at 4:03 am - Reply

      Abadon, you have put the truth in words,what the eyes see, what the brain tries to analyse.
      you could explain it in a few sentences, beautiful !

    • Yaakov Ariel Ben Ezra August 2, 2011 at 9:56 am - Reply

      Reply to “Abaddon”
      All you have stated in your comment are Prophesied in YHVH’s Holy Word; the Bible! In the end truth shall be seen as a lie and a lie shall be seen as truth, justice shall be perverted, evil seen as righteous and good seen as evil. The difference between Christian fundamentalism and the islamic kind is that they kill to further their beliefs while we lay hands on the sick for healing, they show hate, we show love unconditional, Amein.

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