[News] Did Trump’s victory avert World War 3 with Russia?


Sergei Glazyev, a Vladimir Putin aide, said that America avoided World War 3 with Russia when it elected Donald Trump last week. We all knew that Hillary …


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  1. Wolfee says:

    Julian Assange himself said that the wikileaks info did not come from Russia.

  2. Maksim Makso says:

    I don't know about WW3 but Trump did definitely prevented war with Russia.
    Hillary publicly said that she wants to respond to hacking with military force. She is a lunatic.
    She was also pushing for no fly zone in Syria. Just imagine if Russia did the same thing (sent military around boarders in Canada).

    Also stop with the garbage about leaks coming from Russia. Did you know that Podestas dnc mail password was "[email protected]" and his email was his full name!?! Little kid could have hacked him!!

  3. L. Wolf says:

    Well, Russia did threaten war with the US if Hillary was elected.

    I'm sure if you think really hard about it you can see how and why it would happen. Establish a no fly zone over Syria, Syria is a Russian ally, Russia violates the no fly zone, we shoot down the Russian plane, Russia takes that as an act of war, and boom, you have a war with Russia. Since Iran is also an ally with Russia, I'm sure they'll get involved as well.

  4. Marc Tradler says:

    Clinton´s owners, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc want Russia back on a leash, millions of dead people and untold destruction would be a plus to them.

  5. Kyle Posey says:

    I just don't see why we can't have better relations with Russia. Together we could nuke the world back to the Stone Age, we owe it to the entire planet to try everything possible to get along.

  6. I heard the no fly zone was just going to be 10 mile stretch to reduce civilian deaths

  7. yes, he did, see the last TWIS from Sargon

  8. SrPerkons says:

    i think people forget that russia is just as warmongering as Clinotin if not more..
    in the last 20 years 7 military interventions


  9. Wiki leaks info was from Russia!? Is that true?

  10. Deadly Moves says:

    Russian hackers? Lol Seriously, pay attention. There is nothing to prove the hacks came from Russia. Citation needed.

  11. Under Hillary, war with Russia was a significant possibility. That alone is a fantastic reason to celebrate Trump's victory.

  12. Not sure where the evidence is from Wikileaks info being Russian? Assange denied it; and he could be lying but there's little evidence to the contrary

  13. JuPMod says:

    This is just BS all together.

  14. richard343s says:

    More like Cold war 2 rather than WW3 in my opinion.

  15. Sian Waller says:

    It wouldn't be spoken about because the media want to paint trump as a nutjob warmonger.

  16. Sian Waller says:

    I'm english and me and my family wanted trump to win because Hillary keeps squaring up to Russia. They way Hillary kept threatening war was mental, all her swaggering. Also, the leaks came from the DNC, not Russia.

  17. Sian Waller says:

    You can't blame trump for not getting Bernie. The DNC cheated Bernie

  18. electoral college is there to avoid mob rule. you are stupid for wanting it to be abolished.

  19. 7:17 I have seen absolutely no evidence that wiki leaks had anything to do with russian hackers, Julian assange has flat out denied all of this and come out with a full statement regarding the issue. "The Clinton camp has been able to project a neo-McCarthyist hysteria that Russia is responsible for everything. Hillary Clinton has stated multiple times, falsely, that 17 US intelligence agencies had assessed that Russia was the source of our publications. That’s false – we can say that the Russian government is not the source,”

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