Nick Cannon vs The Illuminati


Nick Cannon vs The Illuminati

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42 Responses

  1. Purp & 84s says:

    Much respect ✊ to my brother Nick God bless.

  2. Purp & 84s says:

    "The Minority Lives matter" should be the new movement because it ain't only black people, we all live the same struggle if you "middle class" in America.

  3. The Eliot says:


    Since the Act of 1871 which established the District of Columbia, we have been living under the UNITED STATES CORPORATION which is owned by certain international bankers and aristocracy of Europe and Britain.

    In 1871 the Congress changed the name of the original Constitution by changing ONE WORD — and that was very significant as you will read.

    Some people do not understand that ONE WORD or TWO WORDS difference in any “legal” document DO make the critical difference. But, Congress has known, and does know, this.

    1871, February 21: Congress Passes an Act to Provide a Government for the District of Columbia, also known as the Act of 1871.

    With no constitutional authority to do so…


    Read More:

  4. Fatima Hasan says:

    I'm loving this dialogue. It's important to be informed and be united as humans. Leave race at the door.

  5. alot of u comments sounds idiotic and uneducated, the point is like what nick said we are put in areas in society on purpose just as liquor stores n cigarettes are on every corner in the black community, hundreds of police scanning the areas, yall are so closed minded instead take a deep look you make it bout race… wake df up people.



  8. DAMN! I hope and pray that Nick C. comes out unscathed…….

  9. Anyone notice the flag in the background @ 1:30?

  10. gottiblaak1 says:

    How much must u make before u can make a difference. U don't know people's goals so don't judge until u see. He ain't 60 he still young. lets see 1st

  11. teddy weed that was the first thought came to mind.but he still cooning.

  12. hotties3v3n says:

    Nick, give it up already! You're cute, but there's NOTHING gamers about you! Stop with the nonsense! And wearing that turban on your head doesn't make you deep, spiritual, for the people, or any less an annoying coon who is currently spreading his seed as far as it will go!

  13. women wear turbans not manifesto

  14. pec naomi says:

    Nick your ass is still a slave to the Jew-ish, long as the Synoguge of Satan pay you, Blood in -Blood out.

  15. Alvin Dysick says:

    This lying fake ass dude.he been in and he will not expose no more than they tell him to.clown ass nigga

  16. Harry Davis says:

    im liking this side of Nick Cannon….. salute from South Carolina

  17. MrGrandure says:

    soooo……did he get popped in his anal for fame?

  18. Breath of fresh air hearing him speak like this..

  19. th3azscorpio says:

    Also wasn't Nick Canon recently in the hospital for Lupus? "They" might be getting ready to pull his card. (I hope not), but these celebrities are nothing more than expendable pawns to these people.

  20. th3azscorpio says:

    VS the illuminati? LOL Nick Cannons been part of it. I do agree with his points on Ike Turner and being open to hear the other sides of the story. But hey, that's humanity and people for ya! But as for allowing rehabilitating people and helping them to be better humans, that's kind of hypocritical coming from someone within the industry; especially with all the sick and depraved shit they do to get put on and stay in the game. To get better has to be a PERSONAL CHOICE, and it generally requires actions that most people are not willing to commit to. Some people like sociopaths/psychopaths are not fixable. Regardless of whether I hear Ikes side or not-and though Im open to), I still would feel very little sympathy for him. Back to the topic- you gotta love when celebrities get up on a soapbox and preach about love and forgiveness, when they themselves can't even deliver. Black people need to stop this bullshit forgiveness, and start holding people, and especially themselves and each other accountable.

  21. akeya barre says:

    That's why I don't take meds…

  22. MOOR JEWELS says:

    He's just being used to conidition our youth. They (Masons) know kids is learning about the truth everyday and spreading info. This guy don't care about black ppl, its too late for him. He been sold out to Esau.

  23. Tyranomo Pin says:

    His dad left him Nickelodeon. Its funny listening to him say things like, "my career", "my business". How else does a talentless wankster make it in hollyweird other than their parents giving him everything. No respect Nick. #oreostruggles

  24. Redd Blitz says:

    What's there to challenge?! Dude decided on such "to have and be sold" a looooooong time ago. In the end, Cannon will either comply or die. Point blank.

  25. Arcadia Mmo says:

    You want to know? It's not "illuminati". What you call the "illuminati" is such a group of many secret societies who seem to share some common goals. Many of which are also controlled by the same people. There is no "one group that controls everything". There are a few very rich and powerful at the top, those who control and print the money for the countries. Other than that, as far as I can tell this place is some sort of game and it's a mad, cold world. We were no doubt created, albeit religions (including modern day "science") would have you believe in other conformist ideas. They will always create division like this. You want to beleive we were created? Then you must beleive in this book edited and compiled by king James in 1611 or one of the hundreds of revisions afterward. You want to beleive there isn't a man in the sky who will send you to eternal (infinite) punishment for doing earthly (finite) sins he wrote on rocks for Moses? Then you're encouraged to join the SCIENTISTS! Yay! most of modern science (mostly astronomy and theoretical physics as wel as newton and capernicus) is total bullshit. Have a nice day <3

  26. Michael M says:

    Man I'm so sick of these racist fucks especially Charmalegne, these people don't see that white people go thru the same struggle, I'm white and me my family and most of my friends go thru struggle we live week to week month to month, if we miss work we won't eat, we tried to file for financial aid and insurance and got denied also, not to mention the police literally robbed me of my property that was bought legally for some petty charges that were dropped, I'm still trying to get it back, but I'm tired of the media trying to separate and divide all Americans.

  27. Nowadays anybody can talk the talk but who's actually going to walk the walk. Talking is fucking over with.

  28. Too late Nick Cannon you already agreed to the brotherhood

  29. sanpablos39 says:

    Why is he wearing turbans???? He had a red one on hot97!!!! You ain't andre 3000 nigga!!!

  30. Love Nick Cannon.Speak it;) Hope he stays afloat after speaking out tho.

  31. Triggs Amos says:

    Was the picture up for copyright reasons? If so thats some cool shit

  32. For every time a black woman has been called monkey blacky ashy crusty sluty filthy trashy fake hair in that piece shit show head line by this turban wearing chimp for every time he allowed every low life lil nigglet oriental white arab non black anything comedian indulge in demeaning dehumanizing a black women their careers are already over before they even started that raggedy ass show.

  33. edward pope says:

    how in ALL of creation can one be against "something" when they are part of that SAME "something". the NONSENSE of the world never ceases 2 AMAZE & AMUSE me. Shalom

  34. To be honest at this point its really too late for nick you spent your entire career cooning and bafooning shucking and jiving on that mtv show of his wildn out its directed towards demeaning dehumanizing and trashing black women and black men just to sit down and watch one episode just from last year you think this was a ku klux clan produced written and directed .Theres nothing about that helping or uplifting being black and proud. Nick do you realize thats what the whole world see you as your a clown nick cannon and damage has already been. So to hell with his so called new found fake black panther black power steeze when a sell out calls themselves so call becoming awaken thats only means one thing Hollywood is threw with them.

  35. this brotha has a show on mtv and is rocking a turban talking about speaking up for our culture.

  36. MzGumby02 says:

    Ha…you should show how Nick looked at Lady Gaga at the Victoria Secret Show…right after that look…he was sick.

  37. no one should go on Vlad TV because they too is apart of the Illuminati anybody that comes on a show he tapes as you can see and the right over to the Illuminati Nick Cannon can clearly see that his career is going to sink to the bottom of the ocean with an anchor he should keep his mouth shut if he want any type of money in his life and to take care of his children and the one is on the way sad situation

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