Nimrod and the Tower of Babel and the Occult…


Bible verses about Nimrod… Nimrod/Gilgames/Dagon/Shiva : The same spirit as the sun god : “Mithra/Sol/Statue of Liberty”, Marduk, Amun Ra, …


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  1. Paul Roper says:

    Its all about control,Muslim , Christian, Catholic, The answer is to become a Gnostic don't be confused by bible bashing bull shit!

  2. Scott Stuto says:

    Love your direction

  3. What's the name of that preacher

  4. the promise Messiah is in Ghana west Africa to declare the knowledge of God to all nations in the Earth
    the promise Messiah has come to Ghana west coast Africa

  5. Bruce Wayne says:

    11:30 one of the best known examples of this that I know of is Whitley Strieber, who authored several books about his being taken by UFO's. I do not know if he realized it but, I think it was in the book entitled the "secret school" he described what only can be described as demonic as he even suggested that these beings seemed to thrive on his fear.

  6. Bruce Wayne says:

    16:45 I do not think you can,as Katy Perry has said, that she sold her soul to the devil!: I don't think that after saying that in public, that she could ever say she was only kidding. She might be saved if she renounces the devil, but it will take a powerful act of God in the Name of Jesus to reach down into her soul deep enough to get her to even realize the danger she put herself in…..I pray for her, and I hope all Christians will join together and do the same.

  7. this man is a genius…very smart…i would love to see one of his services

  8. tone of voice sounds serious

  9. joanmary11 says:

    Yes I think all that makes sense, I keep saying there been an explosion of homosexuality now I see why.

  10. Strong  presentation of the demonic UFO appearances that have been happening and will happen more openly so that people will have to make a decision about their reality.  There is no question if you examine this phenomenon it's demonic and its power will deceive unbelievers in Jesus Christ.  Our government knows about this issue but because of all the unbelievers it has hidden this from people. With Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we will not be   deceived by this demonic force, but it will shake most people into believing that is it a form of God and will lead them into damnation. This is a time we should be stronger in Jesus Christ because the coming time will  be something not seen by man before.

  11. Anoop Nair says:

    Is there something inside 14:27 ?

  12. Anoop Nair says:

    based on the Babylon history god could – bubble ' the humanity with the confused knowledge ! Instead of going east – they build the tower to touch the sky ! here is the example the confusion happened between two languages

    English Malayalam

    Avail Avail ( a food item that cooked with vegitable )

    Cake Cake ( listen to me )

    Poor Poor ( pussy )

    Cut Cut ( Stole )

    Wall wall ( Vomit after Drunk ) :

    Watch Watch ( put something here )

    What What ( are you mad )

    Cope Cope ( kind of Abused language without meaning )

    Purry Purry ( kind of abused language without meaning )

    mayer mayer ( kind of abused language without meaning )

    thee thee ( fire )

    lol ……………..many more – i dont think any other languages dangerously confusing each other

  13. Henry Venn says:

    Preach it brother

  14. What's w/ all the malarkey anent the demonic bloodthirsty shepherd Jesus being all powerful…? Such cockamamie poppycock. & pls o'erstand that Saturn is Ba'al, & Ba'al is El, El is the Tetrgrammaton El Elyon of IsraEl; moreover, there's no correlation twixt Shiva, the Tetragrammaton El Elyon, & the lesser-gods Horus & Apollo. What's more, Akhenaten was just a king & an archetypal human; albeit he was the 1st person in recorded history to suggest monotheism & promulgate adulation of the Aten.    ॐAmitabh; Namaste, Bless, & Shalawam to the devas

  15. if you want anybody to learn from this you gotta make it slower way to fast to really comprehend anything worth knowing

  16. Babel Sound like Bible everything seems like all israel hebrew book and names are stollen and made in English by someone.

  17. I believe in Father and Son and Holy Spirit. I believe Father isn't Son and Son isn't Father also Holy Spirit isn't Father or Son but they are One God without separation. I believe in Holy Trinity.

  18. n0sleep134 says:

    America represents the Tower of Babel all over again. many nationalities and one language.

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