Ninjas Secret History of the Ninja Uncovered Full Documentary



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  1. 75% of this doc is just holywood info, hell I did some simple research on the net and OMG a book store and found out a lot more about ninja then this doc told me.

  2. Solis Pastor says:

    Está buenísima aún que no sea real a mi me encanta las películas de terror,.me gusta que tenga acciso

  3. Solis Pastor says:

    ja ja ja como andan por ay soy de tapia mi nombre es soledad

  4. notalent11 says:

    lol I don't think Ninjas used superior numbers and overwhelming firepower

  5. Sagar Sagar says:

    The white guy is a Ninja Master Give me a break

  6. what lay in the shadow will kill you at night watch you and your move is the ninja a know real killer American ninja the super hero coming soon to save the world good guy

  7. Mehwish Moiz says:

    is it true that they use chakara?

  8. man I really want to be a ninja learn there skills but it is dangerous but if you really willing to be a ninja your life is on the line.

  9. fakkinggg says:

    fail ninja's were not like how they say the were… super hard fail… just for views and entertainment.. fun but false

  10. The ninja does not need big muscle and heavy body.
    They want only soft muscle.
    The soft muscle has every possibility.

  11. Bom video costei nucagosteis tatoaci

  12. Agora ñ gostei puce ñ gostei puce ñ costei o diei

  13. RockyGrenade says:

    This documentary is not in HD. Fuck you.

  14. they do exsesist I saw one

  15. Donn Ross says:

    I'm not really buying these ninja stories from some white nigga

  16. People who wears balck ninja out fits scares me

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