Nokia for 2017 ExpressMusic NX – Comes With This Amazing Smartphone Concept ! ᴴᴰ


New Nokia for 2017 ExpressMusic NX – Comes With This Amazing Smartphone Concept ! Dual-boot (Android i Windows) ROM smartphone !!!
The Nokia brand, is returning in 2017 to the mobile space to make Android-powered phones and tablets. The news was confirmed in a press release from the company, which is now owned by HMD, a new company set up to enable the proliferation of Nokia-branded phones and tablets.
Maybe they should look at this brilliant concept of this talented artist and hire him …
PROJECT BY Grigory Butin


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44 Responses

  1. damn Nokia I been waiting for you for the pass 10 yrs….????? welcome back

  2. Sourav Roy says:

    i always love nokia

  3. How u r doing all this please tell me the software names

  4. ali mahdie says:

    گوشی های لعنتی برید کنار که نوکیا داره میاد
    Nokia is king

  5. Mlf Conv says:

    rugged bobcat shit

  6. From where u r getting those 3d pics??? please let me know

  7. Shree Desale says:

    i am craczy about this phone plz which month lonch in india

  8. Shree Desale says:

    which month lonch this ahone

  9. 805480NIKL says:

    No! its it! Нет оригинальности, это уже было… Клавиатуры, экраны уже открывались.
    Aplle фоны уже надоели..кирпичи. Со своей не особо дружащей с другими устройствами платформой.
    Вспомним телефонную трубку, она была гнутой. Толщина не важна.Больше ничего не скажу. Операционная система – Linux -Думайте господа, думайте…
    No originality, it has been… Keyboard, the screens were opened.
    Aplle backgrounds are already tired of..bricks. Its not really on friendly terms with other devices platform.
    Remember the phone, she was bent. Thickness is not important.Nothing more to say. The operating system is Linux -Think Lord, think…

  10. хочу себе такой

  11. TheLorentziu says:

    to beauty to be real..onestly

  12. да неужели !!НОКИА ПЫТАЕТСЯ с колен встать-я о подразделение мобильной связи? поздновато чето…-рынок то ПРОСАХАТИЛИ!!!….китаезы рынок андроида КОНКРЕТНО заняли!!!Хотя есть инфа от нокии О ДВОЙНОМ варианте загрузки-андроид или винда…поглядим по цене-увидим!!!

  13. говнище сделали. не нужны кнопки больше ни кому

  14. Ahi Les95 says:

    придурки блин опять решили эту хрень под люмия выпустить

  15. какая музыка тут играет,кто скажет?

  16. Gary Leon says:

    Че за поебень?

  17. I hate Windows fones

  18. Amorvidda 22 says:

    ea nokia .sendo a nokis lindao esse smart

  19. eler mirzaev says:

    мля красивый

  20. Under Taker says:

    nokia is best they need too focus on android i will buy nokia ❤

  21. isse kehte h phone
    Nokia is back

  22. Sunil Kahar says:

    nokia with windows again…. are you serious..?

  23. que celular lindo um colírio para os olhos ?

  24. Killer look…miss uh nokia like a gf

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