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  1. Water is more important then any thing we have except air. God given .

  2. 7:30 … Canada doesn't want to "share" its water? Water that would've other wise flowed down to the US naturally? Yes Bomb Canada, have a north American union agreement whatever, GET THAT WATER.

  3. Barry Cohen says:

    URGENT! WANT TO SURVIVE? RUSSIA Is Preparing Its People For A Nuclear Conflict And The USA (Our Government) Is Doing Nothing To Protect US! WE ARE ON OUR OWN! YES folks it's getting closer and closer to a Russian nuclear conflict every day and for those that want to survive the radioactive fallout better be prepared to be able to flush the radiation from their contaminated bodies! When this happens it will occur far to fast to take potassium iodide which must be taken before a radiation exposure and even then it will only protect your thyroid for a mere 24 hours. The smart detox should be with the natural micronized mineral for human consumption called zeolite which will safely remove the radiation and heavy metals from the body after exposure! Every family should be storing enough zeolite to protect the entire family so they can survive! For more information on nuclear fallout preparedness see the website at

  4. Whisky is for drinking.  Water is for fighting over.

  5. US wants our water, oil and all our resources,, They will suck us dry. We are not America, We are Canada Deal with it!!! You want something, you have to pay for it!

  6. We are all human we are all the same we all want the same thing. No nations no borders no patriotism! We all win in the end.

  7. PhenixenFeu says:

    I don't want any fucking North American Union for a HUGE reason, there 6 to 10 TRILLIONS dollars debts of the UNITED-STATES plus it's growing by the minute…! I will NEVER let go of my sovereign country…! We just have to look what's happening all over Europe, European Union is about to dismantle itself plus the Euro will go down crash sooner or later…!
    Anyone who wants to repeat the same mistakes or the same push from the Internationalists/Globalists that ruins all Europe was forced into is either mentally challenges, stupid or uninformed…! Plus there big radical islamist infestation, Its time that they close their borders & ship some of the radicals who wants the Sharia law & to force the Islamization of the west by violence of course…!

  8. dreski3404 says:

    Canadian forcefully sterilize Native Americans

  9. Ju Lim says:

    North AmeriCunts Unions is just an excuse trying to gain and repair US failing economy. Nothing more than a desperate attempt to take control of its neighbors oils and wealths.

  10. Dora Rigel says:

    Mexicans, say no to the NAU… The Americunts just want to take our oil.

  11. Noah Riot says:

    I live in America, and even I am against this. We need to remain separate entities. Merging countries would  eventually lead to a one world government. At they point. They could then literally rewrite our rights, and liberties. It would in the end,  give them power over people everywhere. The government has  infringed upon human rights over, and over again. Just look how those cops posed as protestors in order to make the protestors look violent. We have the right to assemble.

  12. Hugh Jorgan says:

    not everyone in the u.s. is so star spangled ignorant. it sucks being perceived as the evil empire. sure, were the strong arm of the world. but the last i read. the crown(canada) the english are the money controlling wankers. and youre colonized by wankers and spikey french types. our southern border is predominately catholic, run by the Vatican. the spiritual hypocrites controlling everyone. so unless everyone stops with their petty bs slings and arrows and focuses on what the real problems are, all these horrible truths will be unstoppable. its not a war against brown, white, black, and red. its not what side of some border that your government has tricked you into defending against one another. all three countries have something in common that we all suffer from. its what started our petty distain and prejudices. its why canada has a palpable fear of america coming for their resources. and we will. its the same thing that keeps a huge wealth gap in mexico. keeps racial tensions at an art form. mesmerizes the masses with football,hockey,nfl,baseball….. if people would stop and look away from honey boo boo and realize that the banks are robbing you blind. the filthy rich powermad, are responsible for every bit of war, slavery,mass murder,genocide, poverty, racism, and injustice you can name. stop with the taunting of the countless ignorant that stand idly by as all of our sovereign rights are sold to the highest bidder. instead point them into a productive direction to vent their profound and heartfelt, yet misguided, rancor. stop looking everytime the tv tells you "hey look at what the beaners are doin! watch out for the idiots with guns in america!, this just in: the canadians have still contributed absolutely nothing!" cause every time you look at what the tv tells you to they laugh all the way to their banks. if anything. the fact that were all fucked should unite us. itll boil down to the "have, and have mores" against EVERYONE else. if we were only focused on the ones to blame and not all the fucked……

    people get the govt they deserve.

  13. Troy Strawn says:

    I wtf slow these politicians roll first of all these fucking Fema camps need to be torn down before any deals be made,or they can put themselves in there!

  14. Neal Miller says:


  15. Neal Miller says:

    CANADA IS MORE AWAKE THEN US !!!!  2008     https: // / tcVPHLpAi9w

  16. Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz support this!!

  17. Cori P. says:

    Don't remember seeing any of this on the news. I have seen a few stories on alt-media about the NAU. Info wars was talking about this a few years ago.

  18. Ted Cruz running for the american presidential race is suspicious

  19. I wish the music in the background was much lower, it does ruin a bit the doc. pls consider this for future vids, thks

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