North Korea Didn’t Just Declare World War 3


Despite the media hype, there has been no declaration of war by the DPRK which is expected to lead into a third world war. Help fund this program!


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  1. Angry Mob says:

    Just more imperial warmongering from the west. Truly though, sanctions themselves are an act of war. So in this dumb little exchange if you were to implicate anyone of declaring war, it's sure as hell not North Korea.

  2. World War 3 will begin when the entire Western world, at the command of Jews, gather up to attack all Muslim (especially Arabian and Persian) countries, and start to send Persians, Punjabs, Arabs and descendants residing in the West to concentration camps.

  3. Section 89 says:

    damn boy you're getting fat

  4. Even if they did declare war, what difference does it make? The North Korean regime is all talk and no trousers. They'll call anything critical of them an "act of war" all they like, but they never act on it.

  5. Alex M'n says:

    Fuckin first worldists back at it again

  6. thedelta88 says:

    aw hell yeah! this is the hard-hitting shit I've been looking for!

  7. MrBiger48 says:

    so what kind of secret messages has the DPRK been sending you Jason ?

  8. Ivan Liukin says:

    Thx Unruhe for doing this story because alot of americans are losing their minds about North Korea

  9. Mr.Unruhe, will you ever visit the DPRK?

  10. SMGJohn says:

    This is the hard hitting shit that will lead to World War Three, Jason will be responsible he hitting too hard

  11. death to Communism you do realize people ran through machine gun range dug trenches in minefields to get the f*** out of communist countries no one does that to get out of a free Society at all like you

  12. P-A Cormier says:

    "there is nothing significant going on here"


    "yes, tell the great leader that I have introduced the package"


  13. The DPRK should just have a heroic last stand.

  14. YGH10 says:

    Upon being given the command the soldiers of free Korea will storm and liberate the part of the country which is presently occupied by America and ruled by America's stooges. The storming will take place on the ground, in the air and in the seas. It will take place everywhere and using all the means. The American occupying forces will be destroyed without merci. If America tries to resort to nuclear weapons then all the major cities on mainland USA will be torched. The command may be given a week from now, a month from now, half a year from now, not at all or in the next minute. Whenever issued, if issued, such a command will be legitimate due to America's aggressiveness, provocation, and refusal to respect Korea's dignity and rights. Korea is alert and ready.

  15. PMads17 says:

    I made a funny video on North Korea Declaring war haha check it out man

  16. Annie TheCat says:

    World is fucked Anyways

  17. Drobium77 says:

    Everyone said the same about Germany before the war

  18. ryler05 says:

    sounds like a distraction from the DNC corruptness.

  19. this guy is sooo wrong m8 it hurts

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