North Korea Video Shows Washington Under Attack


North Korea has produced another video showing the United States under attack, this time with the White House and the US Capitol literally in the crosshairs.

The four-minute video titled “Firestorms will rain on the Headquarters of War” was posted Monday on the YouTube channel of the North’s official website, Uriminzokkiri, which distributes news and propaganda from the state media.

North Korea Video Shows Washington Under Attack


The first two minutes used still photos of US fighter jets, B-52 bombers and aircraft carriers to portray the United States as a bullying nuclear power intent on bending Pyongyang to its will.

“Second by second, the fuse of a nuclear war is burning,” a female narrator warned.

It then showed a sniper’s crosshairs superimposed over the White House, before switching to animated footage of the dome of the US Capitol building exploding in a fireball.

“There is no limit to the range of our strategic rockets,” the narrator said.

Angered by UN sanctions imposed after its nuclear test last month, North Korea has threatened the United States with a pre-emptive nuclear strike, as military tensions on the Korean peninsula escalated to their highest level for years.

Although experts say the North is years from being able to fire a nuclear-tipped ballistic mile as far as the US mainland, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel responded Friday with plans to boost West Coast missile defences.

It was the latest in a line of similarly-themed videos posted to the Uriminzokkiri channel.

An offering early last month showed New York in flames after an apparent missile attack, and another two weeks later depicted US soldiers and President Barack Obama burning in the flames of a nuclear blast.

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16 Responses

  1. gisellewilding says:

    What a lovely sight the White House being blown up.

    • 5 War Veteran says:

      While seeing the White House being blown up may seem a wonderful thing to some, perhaps in a fantasy world, it does not remove the actual problem.
      That problem is an always will be the fact that this system of things always promotes the sociopath.
      Those individuals without conscience or remorse.There is a fine line between the “Drive to Get Ahead” and the “quest for all encompassing power”. There is a fine line between wanting enough and wanting everything. Greed Avarice and Power all follow individuals who are willing to kill their own to get it.
      In today’s world the Elite are rewarded when they lie. Barack Obama is a perfect example perhaps more than any other President in history. Look at all the campaign promises made that became lies to the American people.
      The simple fact that he was ALLOWED to remain in office after the worst voting scandals in the history of the USA. He has numerous times circumvented the US Constitution and those other ‘elected’ members of our government have allowed it. They are complicit in high crimes against our country ad we sit here whining about it instead of marching on Washington and doing something about it.
      I am willing to do something but just like YOU I am not going by myself to fight for a people too lazy or chicken without the balls to do anything.
      The entire concept of Elite and wealth has to end. All people must be equal for this civilization to survive at this level of technology.
      Either that or expect it to get worse to the point that common people will be processed into Soylent Green. Used to feed the lower caste. In a supposedly “Green” world.

  2. Elaine says:

    Does anyone remember what he said right after he got into office the first time?
    “We can absorb another 9/11…”

  3. jingle says:

    Every other nation hates the US bec. of greed and manipulation camouflaging as sympathy, yet in the end, they just want “something” from a certain nation that will make them remain as “super power”. The truth is the US is fast fading into oblivion. Nothing lasts forever.

  4. David says:

    They sound psycho!! I hate the sound of this language. They need to all be obliterated from the face of this planet. The sooner the better!

  5. 5 War Veteran says:

    The only thing that would have made it better is if the Rev Jesse Jackson would have said it.
    I really expected to hear GoJirra a few times placing the video into perspective.
    The really sad part about this is the people in such a tiny back water country run by a twisted dictator actually believe in this crap.
    Media manipulation at it’s best (or worst).
    Where is Mothra when you need her?
    The whole thing sounds like something out of a 50’s Godzilla movie, only this time with worse acting.



  7. Actually, this would not be so hard to accomplish. With our borders and coast as easily penetrated as they are, as we see how ineffective our so called early radar warnings are, remember the meteor that hit Russia that our radar never saw, well, getting a mobile launcher into the country would not be all that difficult, once in the country get it some California plates and in three days it is within seconds of Washington DC.

    10 months till the next state of the union speech by obama. While I will fight, kill, and if needs be die to protect the USA from an invading force, I would not lift a sling shot to save any one of those who work night and day to destroy our Republic.

    In imagine a USA with no Washington bureaucracy.

    Imagine satan using his forces to get rid of the most corrupt g0vt this country has ever seen. Now that would be proof of God’s sense of humor and ultimate power. Read the account in the book of Job about how satan comes groveling before the God of the universe, to cause just a little trouble.

  8. roaidz says:

    You are just dreaming north korea. Your defence is purely conventional, while the USA uses The Starwar Program, that means USA have spy/defence sattelites.

  9. North Korea doesn’t send out for pizza with out permission from China.

    It would be hard to cry if it happened during the state of the union speech. Imagine a USA without Washington, wow.

  10. kev says:

    North Korea are you MAD?
    The GOOD USA helps North Korea with FOOD AID so why should USA get attacked?
    That is like destroying your food supply.
    North Korea it is YOU who are the PROBLEM with you medevil attitudes. USA only wants to help you, they are NOT your enemy, they are your friend. If you stop threatening the USA then USA will help you further!
    If a MAD dog looks like it will bite you, you muzzle it. That is exactly what the USA is doing to North Korea. ie USA is merely trying peaceful means to protect USA & its allies. USA does NOT want war.

    • Kev, it is not North Korea speaking, they are nothing but two bit puppets of Communist China.

    • FuckNWO says:

      Shut up kev… Obviously don’t no what your talking about get your trolling head out your arse.

      • 5 War Veteran says:

        Shut up kev… Obviously don’t no what your talking about get your trolling head out your arse.

        Now now ‘F” be nice. Perhaps Kev does not realize that the USA has sent BILLION$ to Israel. Or that Israel attacked the: USS Liberty, the USS Cole, or that they were involved in the Edward R. Morrow FBI (Oklahoma City) building bombing.
        (wired it for demolition) . . . . and as per the US Army War College, wired the WTC buildings for demolition as well. Not a conspiracy a fact. One that our political elite do not want to be common knowledge.
        Why? Because Israel is our “ally”.(?)
        With friends like them who needs enemies?
        Not to mention that the 13 Elite banking families (all Israeli Zionists) are the ones who have engineered the world financial collapse just as they engineered the Great Depression.

      • 5 War Veteran says:

        Learn more about NO Planes from the General himself.

  11. mohsen samii says:

    Its all Hype.

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