Nostradamus Prophecies – The Third Antichrist Prophecy (Documentary)


In this End Of The World video documentary, we are going to present you the prophecy of Nostradamus i.e., The Third Antichrist. Learn about the Nostradamus …


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  1. nostadamas was very right

  2. they can't close Colorado voting And Hilary and Ted do not win

  3. john smith says:

    Ok. The key word in here is ANTE ( from the Greek language )meaning before Christ (or preceding Christ)
    And not ANTI( or Greek for against)
    Too bad . Whoever made this , was mistaken from the beginning.
    Totally different meaning for the key word . Please study ( not in English) and then go about predicting anything .
    This doc. is totally wrong .
    ( nowhere near the truth)
    Enjoy !!

  4. Lucy's Mom says:

    Christ was (if he existed) a Jewish man. The Anti Christ will be his opposite: a Gentile WOMAN.
    Now I like Hillary but she may just fit the bill. (see what I did there? lol…)
    In fact, I think that Trump is evil, he may be the true anti christ, he is so disgusting.

  5. Just as Satan was created out of fire by God, so too is Dajjal. He is a creation of God and is part of our test in this life. I'm going to get grief now for being a Muslim but I have come to accept that this war is not on Islam or religion – it's a war on man and we r all happy to play our part against the other.

    May Allah guide us all to the right straight path and not be deceived by the Dajjal and the lies that betray us all as brothers…

  6. Donald Trumph is The Third Antichrist

  7. shaymus crow says:

    the pro wrestling ad was perfect in this video, did not know it was an ad, thought it was part of the video.

  8. Crusader says:

    Nostradamus spoke in such a generic way that his 'prophecies' could be interpreted so many ways. He was not one of God's prophets. He was practicing witchcraft of which we have been warned. Read the bible for prophecies, do not engage with 'seers', fortune tellers, horoscopes etc.

  9. MaxOneMedia says:

    Zio Propaganda here, so I stopped watching. No Fake Zio-History For Me Today

  10. I'll tell you how the world will end.


  11. Chode6d9 says:

    I belive Turkey is the Antichrist

  12. Aleph-Tav says:

    everything in the bible has already happened and if you believe not you are calling Jesus a liar

  13. Wade K says:

    his here already

  14. Mia Lavier says:

    If first antichrist lived in 16 the century and the other in 20th, What makes them think third will appear in less then 100 years?? How about 2416? All those speculations…

  15. Mia Lavier says:

    Trump is antichrist. (To me)

  16. PasoPal2 says:

    The Anti-Christ will be someone who has never laid with a woman.

  17. PLOT TWIST!: the third anti-christ is a WOMAN

  18. Man created God. Nostradamus did not predict anything for they we're loosely placed thoughts that have been passed along the Centuries that have outlasted the living life. Predictions are nothing more than orders. Germany fell and started the first Two World Wars as they fed off the fears upon the world minds. So what are the Orcastrators of the World upon a Universal Benevolence going to do against a language that merely the unborn Future can understand? Besides the Devil can not count.

  19. coolchris says:

    Like any of your videos are actually "real"
    This shit is such a propaganda page and your just the feeble little figurehead puppet!!

    ? Everyone considered him
    ? The coward of the county

    enjoy your shill money

    if I see you out with a Clash shirt

    I'll take it

    Bet on that

  20. ezekiel cruz says:

    According to Isaac Newton, the world will end in 2060.

    Newton > Nostradamus

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